Veiled Affair – Ravenholdt Masked Ball

2-6-2015 8-13-25 PM

“Somehow the Veiled Affair took place without blood shed. Under the watchful eye of our Ravenholdt hosts, various criminal organizations, assassins, and mercenary groups were able to mingle and make connections regards of faction alliances. There was standard light entertainment offered, though most amusing to me was the fact that one of the Nexus’ own rotters won a mention as one of the best dressed for the evening.

That being said, Megabucks was working the crowd with ease. On my end, it was not so easy to mingle and so I sat back and let Fink do the work knowing that we can reach out through him at a later date. Sometimes it is best to let others get their hands dirty. -U”

2-6-2015 9-26-15 PM