Delving into Gorgrond for lumber.

The Quartermaster had a desire for lumber, so a number of us and him set out into Gorgrond in search for the lumber. We could have imported it using the goblins, or use some lesser lumber, but why do all that when Gorgrond is not too far out? Well, we were able to get two rather large trees dragged back, but we barely back out intact. The rumors of some powerful entity in Gorgrond with a grudge against the Nexus were founded. A botani-like creature confronted us while we were trying to get lumber, and using significant power summoned a number of treants to deal with us. We were able to get the two trees we brought during the chase, and were able to get out with nary a scratch. However, Gorgrond is still dangerous, if not more so. Apparently last time, this Entity had only given us a warning, but now, he seems to be trying to drown the trees in our ichor.