Talador has become an unstable collaborate, hosting an array of dark endeavors…

High Command has been informed that Horde forces in Talador have managed to intercept a prized Gorian artifact, but no soul is prepared for the dangerous truths behind it.

* What can I expect from a RP Scenario?

The style will feel familiar to any other RP event, however, RP Scenarios aim to use in-game props and aesthetics to fulfill a smooth and visual performance. The style has a quest-like vibe, but it gets its “scenario” term from the style of dungeon-ing from “Mists of Pandaria”. With that said, these events tend to be mobile and highly interactive with characters you meet along the way.

* Are there D20 elements?

Yes, but not always. D20 elements tend to only be used when defeating an enemy; when D20 is used, the mechanics tend to be light and unique to each encounter. We favor the story over going in-depth tabletop routes.

* A D20 event means there cannot be a good story?

Not at all! RP Scenarios are heavily story oriented, however, the event(s) are dialogue-driven to press the story onward. The situations you encounter are driven by choices you make both ICly and OOCly.

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