Letter To The Senate

This parchment bears no recognizable house markings; the sealing wax is black and bears an image of two ravens facing each other with their beaks crossed. Inside, the script is an exact mirror of Meriahm Lausten’s handwriting. It is soon clear, however, the writing is not the Minister’s at all.

“To the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Magus Senate of Dalaran as a whole,

It has come to our attention through a proxy that a law has recently been passed which would allow for the inclusion of a properly supported faith-base within your esteemed Violet City’s walls, albeit with some understandable restrictions to the activities of the faithful. We commend your openness to the proper teaching and caretaking of the faithful as a whole, and congratulate you on your inclusion of a method by which those who would assault a peaceable member of a faith simply because of their disagreements with the faith’s tenets may be properly brought to justice under city laws themselves.

While we do not agree entirely with the wording of the bill (specifically the assumptions made regarding feelings of the religious as a whole towards magi), the fact that we were not consulted during the formation of said bill, nor the fact that we were not directly notified of laws that would impact our people and their worship in such ways as this bill may, we of the Shadow understand the need for such restrictions and thus support this bill in the entirety – especially its guarantee of safe worship within Dalaran proper.

That having been said, I, Sister Serata MacDermott of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow, wish to claim for our faith a safe space and center of worship within Dalaran itself as defined by your most kind proclamation. I hereby put forth the name of one Elder Nadaelius Longpath as our sole and true representative to your city; he shall hereinafter be considered the Cult of Forgotten Shadow’s Bishop to Dalaran. We will send him to you without a retinue of guardians, aside from those you may wish to provide him, as a gesture of good will towards the people of Dalaran, and he shall henceforth make himself available unto you and your fair city’s residents and visitors for the purposes of religious education, edification, and services.

Please ensure he receives a fair and decent welcome, and that he and our other worshipers remain safe and secure whilst staying amongst your people. If there is anything the followers of the Shadow can do to aid in this bill’s painless enforcement, please do not hesitate to make it known.

Shadow Protect,

Sister Serata MacDermott”