The Haunted Mines (RP-PVP)

5-24-2015 10-04-53 PM

“Dark tidings…

I originally sent Deathguard Elite, Kevin Gallows, in my stead to investigate the Horde’s pathetic plea for help with their “haunted mines” in Stonetalon. However, I never heard back from Deathguard Gallows; I rallied aid from the Undercity Nexus and local Horde forces to tackle the blind issue. It was no massive elemental, no legion of kobolds — we stumbled upon a vast slaughter of the Cult of the Damned and an Alliance rescue team much like the one I assembled. Only one Cultist survived whatever grim goal they were up to. The Alliance forces were able to hold onto the Cultist and we were unable to retrieve her from their greedy hands. Alliance reinforcements flooded in after securing the Cultist, thus losing the mine as a whole. I take full responsibility for this failure as the Forsaken have lost key insight into the Cult of the Damned’s operations. There were casualties on both sides, including Deathguard Gallows. If there’s one important detail to note, we know the Cult of the Damned are not only operating in plain sight — they’re hibernating like cowards in the pitch black corners of Azeroth.”

–Executor Crowford

5-24-2015 11-08-49 PM