Letter To Moorwhelp – Part 2

This is part 2 of a series, here is the link to part 1:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17767647841

*In the dark of night, a male courier would make his way to the Cathedral. Once more he was carrying a silver scroll case, etched in twisted writhing figures. A new missive would arrive on the desk of the ArchBishop. Once more the letter is written in a fine point script, and the letter unsigned.*

(The courier to contact for rp and to send messages back through is Kenny.)

To the wee man of many self-proclaimed titles of false bearing;
I find myself awash in letters of adoration from your peers. Such an interesting and overly zealous response is enough to make even this old bag of bones blush. Judging by the rabid frenzy of retorts, I can ascertain that someone has failed to tell the truth of this matter. The Bishop’s death was not a sanctioned assassination. It was Edrane’s unhinged mother acting independently to settle an old family grudge. Come now Johannes, are you so desperate for misadventure that you would this eagerly throw away the lives of your flock over a familial affair? Do we not face sufficient existential threats that you must fritter away the lives and resources on both sides for this silly and vainglorious errand?

On the matter of the exchange, the terms sound mostly agreeable. That is, so long as you actually decide to honor the bargain and return to us the captives, as still animated and intact sentient undead.

Of the three offers, we shall accept two:

  • The skull of Bishop Riddle for the Stromic noble.
  • The Bishop Riddle’s soul for the Captain.
  • Regarding the cowardly Necromancer, we offer our gratitude in your willingness to lend aide in his disposal.

There is one additional stipulation that is required. The final exchange will be conducted in neutral territory, in person. That you shall join me in Booty Bay, and there we shall in private conduct the exchange without the benefit of an audience.