War Council & Traitors Within

6-24-2015 9-01-53 PM

“Last night a War Council was hosted in regards to the pending Crusade, in which we addressed intel gathered. More so a hot button topic on the floor was the matter of Horde traitors. Traitors within the Horde who bent their knee to the Council Of Bishops and as such would step aside; ignoring military and political obligations under threat of excommunication. The meeting was brisk, details were on point, and the news was taken with a good measure of gravity. Defensive strats and actions are pending. There will be a public meeting in the future, however with the knowledge of traitors in the Horde ranks we will remain cautious and selective for the time being.

We hold out hope that Draenor and the growing Legion problem there will provide sufficient distraction for the Church.

Hosting such a meeting in Silverpine is not without risk, and a good number of Nexus members stood guard, playing an important part as various leaders met. -#1971U”

6-24-2015 10-36-50 PM