Two Meetings & A New Blight Strain

6-28-2015 9-16-42 PM

“Two meetings in one evening, one to address matters of Alliance offensives while the other was to address our own new offensive weapon. Before a select audience of allies we presented a new strain of blight has been cooked up, derived from the curious natural wonders of the mushrooms of Draenor. Airborn, the blight is not a disease so much as a fungal infection takes root in the lungs of the living host and from there causes havoc on the host body.

The gathering of Horde leadership was ripe with discussion on the Alliance offensive. We withheld our own intel due to the presence of suspect spies in attendance. During the meeting, a human male was uncovered from stealth, and slain. The humans presence and death was further testament to the insecurity of the meeting. -U”

6-28-2015 8-29-29 PM