The Shadow Ring

the shadow ring

“I invite you, brothers and sisters, to the Shadow Ring.

The Cult of Forgotten Shadow wishes to extend this invitation to our allies within the Horde- be you alive, or be you dead, all may benefit from the Shadow’s lesson. Respect, Tenacity, and Power are tools and tenants that may prove essential in our darkening realm.. and we mean to offer understanding in a form that all may comprehend..”

Undercity Nexus’ brawling night returns as a Cult of the Forgotten Shadow training practice known as The Shadow Ring. This tournament-style brawl is an attempt to teach the lessons of Respect, Tenacity, and Power- the three base tenants of the Cult- by putting ally against ally.

If you wish to spectate instead of participate, very well- and we might need a medic or two to deal with the wounded. There won’t be any fights to the death, but there may certainly be some grievous injuries..

Much like the brawling nights before it, The Shadow Ring will use a d100 dice system. The winner will receive 2000 gold. If you or your guild wish to attend, please check your calender or send an in-game message to Nadaelius.