To: Forsaken High Command

8-18-2015 8-42-03 PM

To: Forsaken High Command

This is going to be brief, as with everything I have on my hands, I have little time available to write lengthy reports.

As everyone should know by now, the Cult of the Damned is currently a fragment of what it once was, but its members are still all too ambitious. A certain cultist, named “Voros,” took inspiration from Garrosh Hellscream, and managed to get into an alternate timeline of Azeroth. Specifically, around the time of the Fall of Lordaeron. In this timeline, he made and continues to make the Scourge significantly more powerful than they were before, which nearly guarantees that the living of that timeline will not stand a chance.

I, along with many others also apart of the organization known as the “Undercity Nexus”, were seen by the Bronze Dragons to be at fault. Their reasoning was that since we had earlier encounters with this particular cultist, we could have stopped it from happening. Therefore are responsible for fixing it. I was outraged towards this reasoning, as I am sure many others were, but we were sent to deal with it anyway.

Although we were forced into the alternate timeline, it is important to note that it is in our interest to take out any member of the Cult of the Damned when we get the opportunity, and that if nobody intervenes with this cultist’s plan, we may have to deal with another scourge pouring into our reality.

While we were there, it became unfortunately clear that the Nexus has a serious absence of an organized chain of command. Even the dragon they sent to assist us was unable to get us to focus on a single mission. The result of this was some of us just trying to find and kill Voros, and then leave, while others wanted to waste time helping the humans of this alternate timeline. It was a mess. If we instead just tracked down Voros’s location, while only communicating with others of this timeline to obtain information, we could have been in and out, as simple as that. Instead, it took a long time to even get an idea of where Voros was. What others need to understand is that once this alternate scourge is no longer a threat to us, it is no longer our problem.

Once we finally managed to focus on a single task, it was not enough. The cultist had enough scourge forces in between us and him that we were unable to complete the mission. We were too busy rescuing prisoners to complete the objective. Our defeat nearly came when we encountered a foe who was able to control the minds of half of us. This failure on our part complicates everything. The Bronze Dragons will soon send us back to that timeline, where we will attempt again to stop Voros once more. This is far from over, but it may simply be too late to stop this cultist when the Nexus lacks an organized chain of command. I would advise whoever reads this to make preparations for our failure. High Command must be ready to deal with another Scourge if need be.

– Deathguard Sergeant Henry

8-18-2015 10-36-00 PM