To: Forsaken High Command

8-25-2015 8-10-24 PM

“To: Forsaken High Command

Much has happened since the last report. The Nexus has been sent twice into the alternate timeline of the fall of Lordaeron.

The first time, we were sent to Dalaran as it fell. The cultist who is responsible for this mess, Voros, had converted one of the city’s Archmages to his cause. We were placed into the sewers, near where Voros and his Archmage. The Bronze Dragon who was supposed to assist us through these missions had an excuse about how her presence could cause us to be detected, so we had to do this entirely on our own. Our task was to create a counter plague for our own protection, and then stop Voros. If we were to fail to stop him here, he could make Dalaran fall much harder than he did. If that were to happen, he would be making a great step into having his own scourge to invade our Azeroth.

Once the counter-plague was nearly completed, we sent a scout ahead, and then engaged the enemy in battle shortly afterwards. This skirmish was nearly disastrous for us until one of the Nexus’s members, a priest of the shadow, managed to control the mind of the Archmage. Without his backup, we were able to mortally wound Voros. However, he was in possession of an hourglass artifact that not only allowed him to travel through these timelines, but also protected him from completely dying while it was in his possession. As a result, Voros escaped, but the Archmage was killed. It became very clear after this that we must take the artifact from him.

One of the issues addressed in the previous report was the lack of organization among the Nexus. This time, with a chain of command present, there was no such issue. We were able to execute the mission with little argument, and conflicting interests did not get in the way. There was a single barely noteworthy incident, however. We did not intend to kill the Archmage. At the time, were not aware of how important he was to that timeline. He could have been anything from some random magic user in Dalaran to one of the Archmages who held up the anti-undead barrier. The same shadow cultist who took over the mind of the Archmage heard voices in his head. He claimed it was the shadow telling him to destroy the Archmage, who he followed when everyone else was instructing him not to do so. He chose to listen to voices in his head over his commander. Such in incident is not a huge issue, due to the fact that the Archmage ended up not being important. No harm was done.

The second time was to interrupt a meeting between Voros and a Dreadlord, who went by the name “Gastonazzas.” This meeting took place shortly after the Culling of Stratholme. We had the Bronze Dragon assisting us this time. During this mission, the Undercity Nexus managed to push through the city towards the location of the meeting. By the time we reached it, we were wounded and exhausted by encounters with Fel Guards and Infernals. The initial plan was to try to do as much damage to the Cultist and the Dreadlord as possible through mortars and explosives. This failed when every single mortar shell and bomb missed.

When Voros showed the artifact to the Dreadlord, one of our mages managed to teleport it away from him and into her hand. It was at this moment that the dragon who was supposed to help us had betrayed us. She froze us all in time, and stole the artifact. All this time, we were simply a method for her to obtain the artifact.

I fully understand if us allowing such a betrayal to occur unexpectedly displeases High Command. However, Please note, however, that although she did manage to deceive the Nexus, she did the same to the rest of the bronze dragons. If they could not pick up a traitor in their own ranks, then it would be foolish to expect a random bunch of deaders to figure it out instead.

While that Bronze Dragon did steel the artifact, the rest of the mission was a success. A worn down Nexus managed to defeat the Dreadlord Gastonazzas, and then Voros afterwards. Without the artifact, it was as if all of the wounds ever inflicted upon him were all damaging him at once. The Cultist responsible for this mess is now deceased. Even though Voros is no longer a threat, the traitorous Dragon with the artifact could be even more dangerous than the cultist was. It is a wonder what her intents may be, though. After all, she spent a significant amount of energy to reverse time a few seconds in order to save the refugee camp. Nonetheless, she is a threat.

I advise that High Command remains in a state of military readiness in case the Nexus fails. This is not yet over.

– Deathguard Sergeant Henry”