Bounty: Scarlet Crusaders


“Let it be known throughout the fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron under our great and magnanimous Dark Lady,

That at this time those who wear the color of, ride under the banner of, or name themselves members of the Scarlet Crusade are considered full combatants so long as they persist within the borders of our great Kingdom. The celebrated crown of our fair Dark Lady recognizes no civilians under the Scarlet banner, and all Scarlets are considered fair military target to be greeted with full force within our borders. The fallen are to be harvested for recruitment, interrogation, or recycling purposes.

Our great and munificent crown has extended a generous bounty for the collection of Scarlet tabards and bodies;

*For a Scarlet head and tabard: five hundred gold coins.

*For a complete Scarlet body: A thousand coins.

*For the capture of a live Scarlet: Five thousand coins.

*For a Scarlet Commander: Ten thousand coins.

At this time, combat-related cannibalism is permissible. Let no flesh fall and be left behind on the battlefield. For entrenched Scarlet units, heavy reinforcements will be issued.

Let none survive who stand against us. Slay these petty pretenders to our triumphant crown.

Signed on this righteous day by Deathstalker High Command, Deathstalker Field Commander #1971U