Siege Training With Henry


“A small group of us once again rallied in the Ruins for Siege Training, Lead by Henry once more. This time we rode out to Hillsbrad, where we where set up in a valley, where I, as the attacker, had to cross the river and capture the Defenders’ base. It was mostly a game of King of the Hill. Unfortunately, things quite quickly spun out of hands for me. Marty not only killed off my Imp, Gib’ Tul, twice, But Haku then stole the Shredder Gib’ Tul had been piloting and used it against me. What had been the Attackers against Defenders quickly turned to Defenders against Attackers. Haku managed to strike the final blow against me, and I fell, and the exercise ended. 

This may be my second loss in this exercise, but I’ve been training, learning. 

I will not fail a third. -Maliik “