The Shadow Ring

the shadow ring

“I beckon you, brothers and sisters, to the Shadow Ring.

The Cult of Forgotten Shadow wishes to extend an invitation to our allies within the Horde- be you alive, or be you dead, all may benefit from the Shadow’s lesson. Respect, Tenacity, and Power are tools and tenants that may prove essential in our darkening realm.. and we mean to offer understanding in a form that all may comprehend..”


Undercity Nexus’ brawling night once again returns as a Cult of the Forgotten Shadow training practice known as The Shadow Ring. This tournament-style brawl is an attempt to teach the lessons of Respect, Tenacity, and Power- the three base tenants of the Cult- by putting ally against ally. Those that make it to the final round will receive gold! Though, really, the hope is that the characters come away with wisdom and discipline as well as coin.

How does it work?

The brawl will use a d100 system, much like the past events have. Please click here for an explanation and example of the rp-dice system. All participants need to know these rules before starting! Using this system, we will hold a multi-round tournament, the number of rounds depending on how many entrants there are (sixteen entrants max, for a total of four rounds).

The participants’ roleplay should be posted in raid, but you don’t need to post multi-paragraph. You can turn your specific duel into a battle of wits instead of a battle of brawn- the points above don’t mean your character is injured, it’s just a way to judge failures and successes. Remember to be OOCly respectful to those you’re facing! Whisper them to ask questions, let’s keep OOC to a minimum- spectators, please RP outside of the raid.

It is advised that entrants come on time at 7:00 pm and speak to Deklavar, whom takes the sign-ins; whether or not we hit the preferred number, we tend to start as soon as we can- if we don’t have sixteen players, we’ll make do with fewer, but that always gets tricky. We keep track of who signs up in what order- there’s always a line! Please arrive on time!

As a warning, the event does run sort of late (usually a few hours, depending on how long people take to finish their rounds) so if you intend to participate, make certain your schedule is free! If you can’t participate, that’s okay- characters may spectate and even help mend the brawlers between rounds. Food and drink is usually provided, to the imagination of the roleplayers (unless you want to cater, then by all means, go for it)!

Lastly, if you must AFK- please let the raid know, and try not to be gone for more than fifteen minutes. We don’t want to hold up the brackets for too long. We understand that life happens! Anyone that must leave can forfeit, and based on the circumstances, the coordinators will figure out what to do with your spot.

We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please contact Nadaelius or Deklavar.