MidNight Raid (RP-PVP) (Story Post)

Forsaken preparing to ride out, the midnight raid.

MidNight Raid (Dance Of The Dead RP-PVP Event) (Oct 2nd, 2015)

Under the cover of night, in the darkest hours before the sun chases the moon from the sky, the Forsaken launched a brutal surprise assault on a supply Keep in RedRidge. Deathstalkers infiltrated the Keep, slaughtering in the Keep’s guard, and planting explosives to destroy the front gates, allowing for the full invasion force to push into the city proper. Fortunately, the hostile force had been spots en-route, and the Alliance were able to quickly scramble a defensive force to meet the onslaught. The result was brutal hand to hand urban combat, leaving much of the city in a state of destruction, with only one curious and symbolic district left untouched…

The following districts were completely annihilated, with the newly dead returned to the Undercity: Residential District, and Arcane Gallery & Library. The Alliance Successfully defended the Trader’s Row, and there was a stalemate at the Town Hall & Military District. The only place left untouched was the holy ground at the Light’s Bastion.


Commander Jacob Perry couldn’t help but think he was an extraordinarily poor choice for his current duty. His face was the kind of thing that one would expect icebreakers to steer clear of on safety grounds. His voice was, when enraged (which was often) the sort of thing one could use as a siege weapon. His body was some improbable mixture of solid muscle, and scar tissue (all of this wrapped in more armor and arms than the Stormwind military command thought was ‘strictly necessary’ for a full strength division). He had also never had a family, and the only thing that made him nervous was dealing with a child.

Separated by a gargantuan desk littered with maps and reports sat his exact opposite in all things. A small, sniffling, soot stained little girl, no older than eight, wrapped in a muddy blue dress, and a blanket rattled on endlessly as the Commander furiously scribbled at a piece of parchment. Ill-ease with the young aside, the officer was deeply relieved the child had survived. This happiness wasn’t just for the sole reason that he didn’t like any innocent life being taken, but because the girl had hidden in the town hall’s bell tower. She’d seen the whole attack from her perch, and once she’d calmed down? Little Alice Sager proved a simply ideal information source. The incident report, which would be distributed to those it concerned, and then, later, the public at large was read aloud.

“On October the Second, the walled town of Ellendale was subject to attack by Horde forces under the leadership of the Forsaken. Raiders brutally cut down loyal and lawful town guard and militia protecting the town, setting fire to a number of buildings before using a bomb to break Ellendale’s gates. While horde forces mustered to continue their aggression, the lull in activity between the raid, and the main attack permitted brave men and women from a diverse array of backgrounds to serve the Alliance with heroism and distinction.

The Alliance forces proved their mettle and skill in house to house, stall to stall, shop to shop fighting in the town’s primary trade district. It should be noted by Command that the Alliance’s troops proved very adept at city-fighting, and this may prove useful in the future. From eye-witness description, the soldiers held their ground despite barbaric hardships.

The town hall, and military districts were hit even harder, and despite what has been described as utter carnage? The Alliance was able to keep a handhold on these locations until the enemy withdrew. That said, a great deal of property damage, and loss of life were recorded.

Finally, the most regrettable aspect of this egregious act must be stated. Despite the steel, and valor of the troops, the arcane, and residential districts were a total loss. Looted, plundered, pillaged, and burned, our forces continue to search for survivors among the wreckage. Relief forces are currently tending to survivors and searching for remains.

In the Name of the King,
Commander Jacob Perry”

The little girl raised her hand, waving her ash stained fingers in the air. Before being ‘called’ on, she spoke. “Mister Perry, I forgot something. They carried all the dead people off.” The Commander looked up, blinked, and without thinking uttered an explicative that he would later need to vehemently apologize to a certain person’s parents for back with the other refugees.

Story By: Ansadril

The hostile Forsaken forces were met with defense forces. Some forces were successful in their defense of a district, while other districts in the city fell.