Ash Blessing Ceremony

The Cult Offered Prayers and ash for the foreheads of attendees. The session was lead by Father Grim, UCN's war Priest.

Ash Blessing Ceremony, Hosted By The Cult Of Forgotten Shadow Sect Of The <Undercity Nexus> (Oct 18th, 2015 – Community RP event)

The wickerman burns, resplendent, casting its flickering, haunting light for the first time this Hallow’s End. The Forsaken have gathered to celebrate, exalt and bask in the glow of it’s sacred flames, rejoicing in what they represent; freedom. Freedom for the People of Lordaeron from the Scourge, and the Lich King. Priests of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow have made ready to aid in the observance of this important holiday, and will be in attendance to offer the annual ash blessing to the faithful. Join us for the annual ash blessing.About: Join a sect of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow as they observe the burning of the wickerman, and remember the past. Character’s will be able to receive an ash blessing. This is a rp event, that should be short and sweet. Open to all Horde and factions neutral with the Forsaken. This event is safe for all levels, and should take under an hour.