Practical Lessons

Oddfellow's Classes

After the death of yet another rotbrain, I’ve taken it upon myself (more or less) to attempt to seed some knowledge into the Undercity Nexus- in hopes that they might be able to have some use against foes that aren’t flesh and bone. The knowledge I’m imparting at this point, sadly, is mere basics of interaction and defense- but we must start somewhere.

My classes into practical approaches in dealing with elementals- given that they’ll be dealing with the likes of Twilight cultists and possible other shamanistic entities again eventually- have been successful, thus far, I believe. Tonight, I’ll attempt to teach them about the elementals of earth- which is a tad different than those of water or fire, which I have already held classes on. It will be a true test, and I hope they are prepared for it.

Practical lessons, hmn. A bit of damage tends to teach that lesson well enough, doesn’t it? However, if they fail this test, I myself, no doubt, will need to re-examine my approach before we head out to the final test- in Uldum.

Thomas Oddfellow