Horde Tavern Night


3-21-2016 9-34-59 PM

“The Goblin run Steamweedle Travel Association hosted a charity fund raiser, something to the effect of supporting ‘Orphaned baby diseased homeless disabled kittens and puppies’. Whatever it was, it was no doubt a shame, though they put on a decent show and provided the masses with drinks and entertainment down by the steampools in Ferelas. Various leaders went up on auction, offering unique services such as private storytelling events and even chasing glory on the field of combat against the Alliance. -U”

(This months Horde Tavern night was a wild success, the GM auction went very well. The Auction was a part of an effort to raise awareness and support for 2 important causes: The Trevor Project ( http://www.thetrevorproject.org/ ) and Love 146 ( https://love146.org/ ) – both causes have a 4 out of 4 star rating on charity navigator. Thank you for the support, and for your donations.

Our record bid was 180k for Hyrall.

We raised a total of 70k from GM donations that were auctioned off to help fund future Horde Tavern Nights.)

3-21-2016 8-57-41 PM