Replace Your Communicators!


After one too many security concerns passed by their ears, the quartermasters took it upon themselves to look into bringing about new communication devices. These new devices, crafted by Aelmus (with the help of a few others), are very similar in appearance to the original skull-shaped radios. They are more secure, more sturdy, and far more dependable. They can function where the old ones don’t, can be tracked better and farther, and bind to their owner once they’re used.

The new communicators are works of magitech, combining artificing and technology to create something a bit more useful than before. If the magic bit fails, the tech bit will pick up the extra work- and vice versa. However, they’re quite expensive- so any rotter breaking theirs will need to pay an out-of-pocket fee for any repairs or replacement.

It is mandatory for every rotter in the Nexus to switch out their communicators for a new one before June 30. On that day, at noon, the old communicators will be remotely shut down. Permanently.

Speak to Aelmus Deklavar, Ickariss, or the spymistress for your replacement, or send them post for your device to be shipped. Be warned, shipped devices will likely have additional protections on them, lest they fall into the wrong hands in transit.