Infernal Chaos

Infernal Amb

When the royal dreadmage’s lecture on demonology was hijacked by a treasonous apprentice a few weeks ago, we all knew there was a problem. Especially considering the rise in cultist activity, and later, learning of the ominous warning spoken by the dwarven king..

But this is too much.

Last night, we were attacked. A damned infernal, summoned by that treasonous finger-waggler, obliterated our tavern, and took out half the town hall and some of the surrounding structures. The entire area is fel-blasted. The tavern-goers were nearly wiped out by the surprise attack, and we were unable to catch her.

Before she vanished, however- she beckoned us to join the Legion, and as we stood defiant, she informed us she would need to inform the Marshal

This is all connected. The Legion, the cult, the treason..

It’s time to act.