The Sister Speaks

Sermon Amb.png

A sermon was held this eve, words spoken in the wake of the tragedy earlier in the week..

“This place…this was a home to us. We made it our own, struck a place for ourselves in a world that did not want us to have any such thing. We exercised our will and bent it to our design. It was a home.” She gestures behind her, her arm sweeping. “It is no more. It is a literal crater of its former self, because the Legion pushed its will into our territory, and its will got the better of us. This will happen again. We are all but guaranteed more of this Fel nonsense invading our lands, taking our things and destroying them.”

“The Legion is coming. We all know this. What I have to say to those of you who have come is this: We have fought them before. We know who we face. We know what they do. And we know we -can- defeat them. This has been proven many times throughout Azeroth’s history. Every time they have come we have prevailed through sheer, unrivaled power and tenacity. Every time they have set foot here, they have been forced off! We have the will to drive them from our world again!”

“We MUST stand strong. We MUST dissent. We MUST show them that this petty assault is NOTHING and they will NOT frighten us with it! This having been said, I also offer those assembled a warning: Do not become so desperate during these times you forget YOUR will is what matters. Do not turn, as some already have, to the Void – it WILL destroy your mind and your body and leave you with nothing to show for your surrender. You will do its bidding, as you will do the bidding of the Legion if you surrender to Fel. We have seen the latter happen already, across Draenor. Fel corrups. Void destroys. Maintain vigilance always and do not  lose yourselves in a desperate bid for power.”

“Defend your home but do not lose yourself. Be free as we were made to be. Accept no fel, no void, no corrupt overlords to your own mind! Defend our world and show them they should have never, ever, come back to us. Give them the destruction they so crave at our hands!” Sister Serata’s eyes have blazed into a very deep, somewhat frightening red. She’s clearly very, very upset at our loss and really really doesn’t like demons. Or void. “You are Children of the Shadow. Show our invaders what that means! Show them YOUR power, show them YOUR will, show them they have picked the WRONG TARGETS and DRIVE THEM FROM OUR MIDST!”

She gestures at the fel-burnt town again. “DO NOT LET THIS BE OUR FUTURE!

Remain attentive, for this will not be the last time Sister Serata leads a sermon on the matter. She will speak more in the coming weeks.