A Lesson Failed


To: Forsaken High Command

Ever since our recent encounter with the Nathrezim disguised as Thomas Oddfellow, one big question has remained: Was Oddfellow a cultist working in favor of the Legion? Or was he merely captured and replaced with an agent? Now, that questions has been answered.

Two members of the Nexus, Gricen Hemlock and Aelmus Deklavar, managed to track down Oddfellow’s location to some ruins located in a region known as Desolace. The ruins were swarming with Demons and Cultists, and there were four portals scattered around the ruins. One of them appeared that it was being powered by Oddfellow himself, though it was not clear whether he was doing this willingly. The Nexus and its allies assembled on a hill overlooking those ruins, and there we prepared our assault.

The plan went as follows: We would split into two groups. The first had the task of entering the ruins without attracting too much attention, and getting as close to Oddfellow as possible. The second group, which I was apart of, had to create a diversion to allow for the first group to accomplish their task, and then to join with them once the bulk of the forces were repelled. Finally, someone stayed in the back with an arcane mortar, to provide artillery support.

Everything at first went according to plan. Even though someone in the Frontline attracted the attention of the entire encampment with his battle shout, we were able to fend of the bulk of their forces. The other group had nearly made it to Oddfellow’s portal without attracting much attention when we joined them. At this point, however, things began to deviate from the plan. At this point, Oddfellow’s true allegiance was unknown to all of us. As a result, we were unsure whether our mission was to rescue a prisoner or to thwart a traitor. Once we reached Oddfellow, we had no uniform plan of what to do. People argued what the next step shall be, which resulted in us falling into his trap.

He appeared to be handcuffed, but he was not actually imprisoned. The cuffs themselves had empowering runes on them. Once this was discovered, Oddfellow attacked. His magical strikes were devastating to our already battle weary group. He was protected by a barrier which we for a while simply could not get through. After many spells, a few axe strikes, and even an explosion, the barrier was down. In that brief moment where he was vulnerable to attack, we wounded him. However, he was then pushed into the portal, which was then destroyed.

Oddfellow is a traitor. He is a powerful cultist, and he is on the loose. Though we were victorious, we have not seen the last of him.

From: Deathguard Captain Henry