The Mists Roll In..


The Undercity Nexus has been given a new assignment in the darkest depths of Stormheim. In recent weeks, there have been raids on coastal outposts, Forsaken camps laid to waste, ransacked, crews missing. At first it was thought the Gilnean menace were up to no good- but the true culprit has revealed itself.

The mists roll in, and when it leaves- they take everything. It is the workings of the kvaldir, the accursed Helarjar… and we are tasked with going against them, stopping them in their tracks- and recovering our stolen ships. 

The biggest concern is the haunting toll of a mariner’s bell..

((Our new campaign, Beware the Kvaldir, is in full swing! See the guild calendar for more information, or visit the forums for the campaign post!))