Report – Booze

“A rough list of beverages found in The Haunt on Tol Palen, complied by Yaviegh:

  • Beer, twelve cases, watery, probably cheap
  • Whiskey, ten bottles, light stinging, good kick
  • Knockoff Dalarani red, smooth but cheap (poor ass Kul Tirans can’t even afford the good shit), three bottles
  • Unlabeled black liquid, thick and tangy, four bottles
  • Unlabeled blue liquid, thick and viscous, strong, three bottles (Note, this is a favorite)
  • Antiseptic, one bottle, don’t drink this one, trust me
  • Unlabeled orange liquid, nonalcoholic, probably a mixer, further testing required (could pair well with the blue?)
  • One keg of rocket fuel and various other liquids, brewed by Ansadril Lem so he gets to name it, makes shots (WARNING: THIS ONE WILL ACTUALLY SIMULATE THE EFFECTS OF INTOXICATION)

Still working through ’em. Will continue investigation. The Haunt is currently maintained, along with the rest of Tol Palen, by Lem’s zombies and myself, and will be open when I am not busy doing something else. Zombies may serve as bartenders in my absence, but I guarantee you they’re not nearly as pretty or witty as me.