Warcraft Conquest: Shadow in the Sands

Ever since his unchaining beneath Nazjatar, N’zoth has been silent- and the world has grown ever more worried for what his dark designs entail. The Corruptor is both cunning and patient though, and in the wake of the Fourth War’s ending, he has seen fit to make his move. It begins in the west, the oldest and most ancient clutches of eggs are stirred by a tendril of the Old One’s will. As they feed on the desiccated remains of C’thun beneath Ahn’qiraj, the ancient Aqir gather in great number to swarm over Uldum and claim the Forge of Origination for their master.

When Sargeras’ sword split the world, the resulting earthquakes stirred the ancient Amathet tribe from their tombs in Uldum. Led by the mythical Sun King, they set sail from their home in search of Azeroth’s blood- and the power to fulfill their Titan-given mission… the purification of Azeroth, no matter the cost. As N’zoth’s influence rises, the Amathet return to their ancient homeland to seek the only thing that can save all of Azeroth- Reorigination.

The Sun Priests of Ramkahen have seen the dark visions, and foretold dark tidings to come to King Phaoris, who marshals his Tol’vir for the war that is to come to their homeland soon. They are joined by the League of Explorers and the Wastewander- but despite their pride in forming the Uldum Accord, all of them know in their hearts that this will not be enough. They must seek help- and so the battered armies of the Horde and Alliance must set sail to aid them one more time.

Somewhere out there, N’zoth watches this confluence of forces with great interest. The board has been set, and the pieces move towards their final, inevitable conclusion. All the while, his tendrils burrow ever-deeper into the minds of his future servants…


Warcraft Conquest: Shadow in the Sands will take place next month, from February 8th to the 18th in southern Kalimdor. You must be level 120 to participate, as we will be using the max-level phases of Uldum for the Aqir invasions. This time around, we’re really focused on trying to offer character development and write events to better suit characters, and we also plan on playing into N’zoth’s themes of corruption and temptation. Because of this, we’ve created a survey that we’d like any interested campaign participants to fill out to help us DM better for your characters and create more engrossing experiences.