Lordaeron Memorial Ride (RP-Event)

As Hallow’s End descends upon Azeroth once more, the Forsaken rally once more to celebrate their liberation from the Lich King. In remembrance of the fallen, the festivities this year will begin with a rally and ride in memory of the Fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron, and for the Horde who died defending the Undercity.

OOC Details

  • Date: Oct 18th, 2021
  • Time: 8pm MG Server / 9 pm EST
  • Please Bring: Enchanted Lantern & Inky Black Potion
  • Server: Moon Guard US (all rp servers welcome)
  • Factions: Horde & Neutral (this event will march through Horde areas and has a chance to aggro guards)
  • Level: Recommended 50+ due to mobs.
  • Contact: Banshih, Mirchea

OOC: This memorial ride is to observe the fallen of Lordaeron and also the Horde who died at the Seige Of Undercity. This event will begin with a rally and speech at the Light’s Hope chapel. From there we ride to the graveyard in Brill, where members of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow will speak on the virtues and offer ash blessings to the masses.

We ask that everyone taking part during the march please bring and use an Enchanted Lantern pet. Please be aware of potential phasing and sharding during the walk that might happen in this content, and if it happens just continue to ride on. The march itself will be an rp walk event. We encourage people to use the /follow feature to be able to rp and talk during the march.

Route & Other Details

  • Start: Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands
  • End: Brill Cemetery (We are staying with the canon timeline and are using the version post-fall of the Undercity, please be aware of the phasing issues and the need to complete content.)