Dance Of The Dead (RP Event)

Wanted fliers litter Azeroth, with targets marked for justice by the Forsaken. Veterans of the Forsaken’s dark agendas know what this heralds, and already are fleeing from what is to come next.

Once more hunting horns in Lordaeron sound off, as the Forsaken hunt again.

Dance Of The DeadWith LIVE Special
Guest Appearance: Patty Mattson
Voice Actress of Sylvannas Windrunner

  • Dates: Oct 21st & 22, 2021
  • Trial By Combat Tournament: Oct 21st, 2021
  • ‘Liberation Festival’ Dance Of The Dead After Party: Oct 22nd, 2021
  • Discord: 28
  • Server: Moon Guard – US, all RP servers are welcome. However, prizes are limited to MG.
  • Contact: Banshih (H), Mirchea (H), Krokthar (H), Maxen (A), Zaria (A),Terez (A)

There are many who seek to destroy the Forsaken, and yet they endure against all odds. Scarlets, Alliance, and even the Cult Of The Damned have made this year’s wanted list and the bounties for their surrender to the Forsaken is most enticing.

Unlike previous year’s each of these criminals will face trial by combat, with Champions of the Horde & Alliance selected to duel to determine their fates: a stay of execution, or an execution.

Where: Utgarde Keep, Northrend
Time: 9pm EST


(more coming soon)

Join the Forsaken for a night of festivities as they celebrate their liberation from the Lich King and remember their fallen Kingdom! For one night a celebration is hosted at the Caer Darrow where members of the Horde, Neutral factions, and even a few brave Alliance members gather and celebrate for an evening.

Location: Caer Darrow, Island in the Western Plaguelands
Opening Ceremony: 8pm EST
Close: 1am EST

Booth 1: Ashes of Alar (Cursed Cantrips)

Booth 2: War Wolves (costume contest at 9:30 PM)

Booth 3: Hearthstone Tribe

Booth 4: Undercity Nexus (Death Prediction and Cards of Omen)

Booth 5: PvP Duel Tournament at 9PM (lil’ further out on the bridge than shown on the map)

Booth 6: Argent Advance (Arm wrestling, Cards of Omen)

Booth 7: Cast Company (Corrupt-a-Wish)

Booth 8: Modan Co.

This year we are excited to welcome a special guest to Dance Of The Dead! Our guest of honor is Patty Mattson, the voice actress for Sylvannas Windrunner. She will join us live in discord voice chat and is going to hang out and do a moderated community meet and greet session with a Q&A session.

Sponsored by Undercity Nexus.

When Lordaeron fell to the Scourge, it did not go easily. The Champions who fought to the bitter end still dwell among the Forsaken. On this night they host a grand duel tournament in memory of those desperate final moments, in which life and death hung in the balance…and for most, there was only *death*.

  • Sign Up Time: 8:30pm EST start
  • Dueling Start: 9:30 pm EST (firm)
  • Players must be present to sign up on time, and present when called to duel or they forfeit their place in the tournament.
  • Duel Tournament Master: Corta (Horde)

Duel Tournament Rules: This is a pvp duel tournament, with no rules. Everything is allowed. Characters can use any toys, covenant powers, flasks, buff food, raid buffs, and more. This duel tournament is open to all factions.


Duel Tournament Prizes: This prize pool is subject to be updated based on gold donations. Only PVPers on the Moon Guard server can claim these prizes. The prizes can be won by players on any faction: Horde or Alliance.

  • 1st Place: 1,250,000 gold and the RP title, ‘Champion Of The Hallow’
  • 2nd Place: 750,000 gold
  • Judge & Fan Favorite Fight: One fight of them all will be selected as a fan and judge favorite of the fights. Both players in that battle will be awarded 500,000g.

This year’s exceptional prize pool of OVER 3 million gold has been made possible by a number of wonderful RP guilds on Moon Guard. A special thanks go out to these guilds for their **outstanding** generosity. Guilds are invited to continue to donate to this prize pool, and when new donations are added we will update the prize pool and credits.