Lordaeron Noble Meeting – Border Security (RP Event)

A brief letter is sent out to the various known Nobles of Lordaeron among the Forsaken who still have active claims to lands in Lordaeron. These invitations are tightly controlled and should not be accessible outside the intended nobility.

You are hereby coordinately requested to join an advisory session regarding the border defense of Lordaeron against increasing hostilities against the people of Lordaeron from the Alliance.

Lordaeron Strategic High Command
Deathstalker Field Commander Serial #1971L
By The Will Of Our Queen and Our People

OOC: RP discussion and meeting regarding border security and defense of Forsaken/Lordaeron territories. Characters attending this should be undead who are Lordaeron Nobles with active land claims.

  • Time: 8pm server / 9pm est
  • Date: Oct 10th, 2021 (Sunday)
  • Location: Ambermill Town Hall
  • OOC Contact: Banshih