Lordaeron Memorial Ride

“For years we have gathered and ridden in memory of those who fell with Lordaeron. This year our memorial ride shall now also include a moment to honor the brave members of the Horde who fought at the battle for Undercity and fell there. This year our path is altered to better reflect the quality of the existence of the Forsaken and Lordaeron. Our march shall start at Light’s Hope Chapel and open with a prayer from an Argent Crusader who observes the light. The march shall end in the ruins of Brill in the cemetery, with the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow hosting a blessing, and offering ash marching to those who seek their blessing.”

OOC: Huge thanks to the guilds who made this event possible including the various Argent Crusade guilds who were involved in the march and worked hard to make it more immersive.

Moon Guard RP