Field Report: Sludgefields

As you may know, Lord Venomdepth order me to investigate The Sludgefields after the interference we encountered through our comm-units. When I arrived I was relieved to see that the Sludefields showed no signs of an attack. However, as I questioned the guards stationed there I discovered that Executor Darthalia launched an attack on Shadowfang Keep, and Sir Rommal was part of the invading force. I made my way towards Southpoint Gate and once there I discovered that the Executors’ attack was unsuccessful. Our forces were forced to retreat, leaving behind much of our equipment, our soldiers, and even Sir Rommal himself.

Normally I would assume that he is dead, however yesterday evening the communicator sparked up once more. In the message that was received, it appears that Sir Rommal is still alive and is holding out against the worgens assault. At this point I am unsure of Sir Rommal’s current status, he could have fallen or been captured. I wait patiently to see if the communicator goes off once more. ~Orion