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Undercity Nexus - Forsaken RP Guild On Moonguard

“Be wary, child, of Plaguelands plain..
Be mindful, child, of the infected grain..
For if throat is parched and of infected water sip..
Forever your soul will be in cursed Scourge grip.
So heed this warning, child, and if far from mother stray..
Let light from home’s hearth guide you back your way.”

World Of Warcraft Forsaken RP Guild

Email: undercity.nexus@gmail.com (Do not use for recruitment, contact us on discord.)

The Undercity Nexus is a Forsaken role-playing guild located on the Moon Guard(US) server. Members of the guild also engage in casual pve, rp-pvp, and pvp. As a guild we are casually active and are composed of many long-term players who have a passion for Forsaken lore and rp. Most members in the guild are adults who enjoy a laid back and ooc guild friendly environment.

What is the Undercity Nexus? The Nexus, known by it’s members as ‘The Bones’, is an off-the-books undead Order. Think of the Nexus as a Brotherhood that operates like a medieval militia. As an Order they enjoy the privilege of not having the restraints and limitations of a formal military organization. The scope of interests for the Nexus are more than just martial, but also spans into the realm of research and justice; justice for Lordaeron. Over time the Nexus has been conscripted by the Forsaken military to engage in various battlefield frays. There is a heavy Cult Of Forgotten Shadow presence in the Nexus.

  • Server: Moon Guard (US)

Who can join? Can you tell me more about what to expect?

  • Races: The guild comprised of Forsaken and a limited number of non-Forsaken Undead. Non-Forsaken DK characters need to be alts of Forsaken already in the guild as of  4/26/2015. We prefer to recruit Forsaken. We are not recruiting character types such as Blood Elf Dark Rangers, we will however accept Forsaken Dark Rangers. If someone race changes a Forsaken after having joined the guild, they will face being removed. We do not accept child character concepts.
  • We are an adult-only rp guild, and do not accept players under the age of 18.
  • Levels: Ideally characters around or higher than level 25. This is to avoid the classic situation involving lowbie alts being made and then not played.
  • Lore Requirements?:  Characters should be based on established lore. Ideally, characters were originally from Lordaeron, Dalaran, or Gilneas. We also recommend understanding some of the lore for the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow.
  • Language?: Within guild RP we make heavy use of Gutterspeak. The guild is English speaking.
  • Religion: The Cult Of Forgotten Shadow has an active cell within the guild.
  • Does the guild have a required uniform?: No. We do ask that guildies please wear their guild tabard to any server rp events and the red ride skeletal warhorse. The red skeletal warhorse is a requirement.
  • How active is the guild?: Yes, casual. In our past we have been very active, with upwards of 12+ players online at a time, and even rp events attracting 26+ players. These days however we enjoy a laid back approach.
  • PVE? PVP?: Our approach to pve and pvp is casual. We do more pve than pvp. Our pve consists of heroic dungeons, flex raids, holiday dungeons, and rep grinding. Occasionally we run old raids to get players rp gear, achievements, and sometimes mounts.
  • RP-PVP?: We do engage in rp-pvp. This element is optional but encouraged. We do not consider ourselves hardcore pvpers. Optionally, we do cross-faction dice fight.
  • What do you look for in players?: We want active mature players, who know their lore and enjoy being involved in a guild. What experience has taught us is that alt hoppers join a guild, consume time and resources then leave without giving back to the rp or resources. This is not to say that our members are not allowed to have alts, it is to say that we want stable players over perpetual drifters. Lore is vital for rp in the Warcraft setting, there are no exceptions to this. Most of our guild is composed of adults.
  • RP Mods?: Here is a small list of mods we suggest for RP in UCN: Total RP 3, and Cross RP. These mods can be easily installed and securely downloaded via websites such as Curse.
  • Is this a LGBTQA+ Friendly Guild? Yes.
  • ERP? Sexual Content?: We are an adult-only guild and accept that people will engage in erp in private. However, we have firm rules against public erp, and erp profiles. Anyone found engaging in public erp, or having an erp profile while in our guild will be removed. Anyone found engaging in ooc sexual harassment of other players, engaging in sexual content with underage characters, and use non-consensual sexual content in roleplay will be removed from our guild.
  • What if I was a member before and want to rejoin?: Former members are handled on a case by case basis. Anyone kicked from the guild after 3 strikes is not eligible to rejoin. The reasons why someone left the guild, and the conditions surrounding it do influence the decision on if that person may return.

Want to join the cause? Contact a recruiter today!

  • Main Contact: Banshih (GM)
  • Questions? Contact Methods: Discord, in-game via whispers, or in-game mail.
  • Guild Discord For Contact & Application: https://discord.gg/fkgUw9DdCs

Forsaken RP Guild - Moon Guard

3 thoughts on “About & Recruitment

  1. We are a minority in the rp scene, but we are passionate about our rp and the lore. Join usssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  2. I really should re-up my time, and roll an undead. Boney knees n rotting skin is where its at. I also have a couple DKs but I’m so over my DK graze (I havent played much since WotLK, came back before the release of Pandaria)

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