Necromancy Repair Services (RP Event)

Thursday at Tavern Night all undead are welcome to drop in for Necromantic Repair Services. Characters who were injured in the line of service at the recent Conquest campaign are given priority for their service to the Horde.

  • Location: Ambermill
  • When: Dec 2nd, 2021 (Thursday)
  • Time: 9pm Server / 10 EST
  • Contact: Banshih
  • Server: Moon Guard – US

Disclaimer: This rp session will include medical rp, body horror, and more mature themes.

Conquest: The Long Ride Home

“Beaten, and worn, we leave the Barrens in need of an overhaul and a great many repairs at the hands of skilled necromancers. Returning to Silverpine will be a sweet relief.”

Horde Rally & Ride Out – Conquest

“Various threats in the Barrens have required the attention of the Horde.”

OOC: This RP event is a part of Conquest, and was an immersive rp event where various leaders of the Horde spoke to the troops followed by various faiths stepping forward to offer prayers and blessings.

Northwatch Rebellion – Conquest RP

“The Alliance have summoned us to speak on the matter of a rebellion happening at Northwatch. The arrival of Alliance forces into the area has stirred Horde concerns about an invasion force arriving under the guise of quashing the rebellion.”

Liberation Festival – Dance Of The Dead

“Once a year we gather upon the grounds of the Caer Darrow to spite the Cult Of The Damned, and celebrate our liberation from the Lich King and the horrors thrust upon us by cruel fate.”

“Every year this festival is opened with a speech, and then a proper pray and blessing from the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow.”

“Throughout the evening a variety of engaging events, and live entertainment is offered to any who would brave coming.”

Dance Of The Dead: Death Prediction Fortune Telling (RP Event)

Death Prediction Fortune Telling

All journeys come to an end. Discover the grim fate that lies in store for your character as one of the members of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow untangles the threads of fate to foresee your doom.

Join us at the Dance Of The Dead Forsaken Liberation Festival!

-Location: Caer Darrow, Western Plaguelands
-Server: Moon Guard, open to all rp servers
-Factions: Open To All, bring your tongues potion
-Hosted By: Undercity Nexus
-Time: 8pm server time, after the opening ceremony
-Date: Oct 22nd, 2021

OOC: This is a booth hosted at the Dance Of The Dead Liberation Festival. For more info visit:

Lordaeron Memorial Ride

“For years we have gathered and ridden in memory of those who fell with Lordaeron. This year our memorial ride shall now also include a moment to honor the brave members of the Horde who fought at the battle for Undercity and fell there. This year our path is altered to better reflect the quality of the existence of the Forsaken and Lordaeron. Our march shall start at Light’s Hope Chapel and open with a prayer from an Argent Crusader who observes the light. The march shall end in the ruins of Brill in the cemetery, with the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow hosting a blessing, and offering ash marching to those who seek their blessing.”

OOC: Huge thanks to the guilds who made this event possible including the various Argent Crusade guilds who were involved in the march and worked hard to make it more immersive.

Moon Guard RP

Disturbance At The Borders

“The Alliance seem to be eager to test the matter of our willingness to defend our borders from casual trespass. This of course only presents us with the option to issue fines, and line our war coffers. -U”