Northwatch Rebellion – Conquest RP

“The Alliance have summoned us to speak on the matter of a rebellion happening at Northwatch. The arrival of Alliance forces into the area has stirred Horde concerns about an invasion force arriving under the guise of quashing the rebellion.”

Liberation Festival – Dance Of The Dead

“Once a year we gather upon the grounds of the Caer Darrow to spite the Cult Of The Damned, and celebrate our liberation from the Lich King and the horrors thrust upon us by cruel fate.”

“Every year this festival is opened with a speech, and then a proper pray and blessing from the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow.”

“Throughout the evening a variety of engaging events, and live entertainment is offered to any who would brave coming.”

Dance Of The Dead: Death Prediction Fortune Telling (RP Event)

Death Prediction Fortune Telling

All journeys come to an end. Discover the grim fate that lies in store for your character as one of the members of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow untangles the threads of fate to foresee your doom.

Join us at the Dance Of The Dead Forsaken Liberation Festival!

-Location: Caer Darrow, Western Plaguelands
-Server: Moon Guard, open to all rp servers
-Factions: Open To All, bring your tongues potion
-Hosted By: Undercity Nexus
-Time: 8pm server time, after the opening ceremony
-Date: Oct 22nd, 2021

OOC: This is a booth hosted at the Dance Of The Dead Liberation Festival. For more info visit:

Lordaeron Memorial Ride

“For years we have gathered and ridden in memory of those who fell with Lordaeron. This year our memorial ride shall now also include a moment to honor the brave members of the Horde who fought at the battle for Undercity and fell there. This year our path is altered to better reflect the quality of the existence of the Forsaken and Lordaeron. Our march shall start at Light’s Hope Chapel and open with a prayer from an Argent Crusader who observes the light. The march shall end in the ruins of Brill in the cemetery, with the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow hosting a blessing, and offering ash marching to those who seek their blessing.”

OOC: Huge thanks to the guilds who made this event possible including the various Argent Crusade guilds who were involved in the march and worked hard to make it more immersive.

Moon Guard RP

Disturbance At The Borders

“The Alliance seem to be eager to test the matter of our willingness to defend our borders from casual trespass. This of course only presents us with the option to issue fines, and line our war coffers. -U”

Proclamation of Border Integrity

Proclamation of Border Integrity:

The Nation of Lordaeron’s Strategic High Command in conjunction with The Eternal Court Of Lordaeron hereby issues a series of requisite edicts to maintain the safety, security, and integrity of Lordaeron’s borders in reaction to increasing Alliance belligerence, factions within neutral organizations abusing the good name of their host organizations, religious extremists regularly trespassing and committing violence against the Horde in general, and post respiratory Lordaeronians in specific, smugglers evading taxes and duties, and world traitors seeking to undermine planetary security. 

The following edicts apply to all persons, military columns, merchants, travelers, religious pilgrims, refugees, or other travelers passing through: 

1. Hillsbrad 

2. Silverpine Forest 

3. Tirisfal Glades 

4. Tertiary or remote territories of Lordaeron throughout Northrend and the Eastern Kingdoms.

A. All parties identified as a party to world treason (Cult of the Damned, Twilight’s Hammer, etc) will be taken into custody for the adjudication of their case before a Lordaeronian political officer and a magistrate. Atonement will then be granted as is needed by the relevant authorities and specialists.

B. All parties flying allied colors will be treated with the same rights and privileges granted to citizens of Lordaeron regardless of metabolic state, species, creed, or spiritual beliefs assuming they do not violate edict A.

 C. All neutral parties must seek written approval from a registered State Security Apparatus and obtain a minder in order to ensure that the terms of their neutrality is abided by. The documentation on approved passage must be kept on hand at all times unless a general writ of absolution is offered. Lost paperwork may be reissued to travelers for a fee at the discretion of local authorities. 

1. A general writ of authorization may be issued to a group or faction that has demonstrated long term, trustworthy behavior. 

2. A general writ of authorization permits a holder to oversee the transit of other individuals (excluding barred groups).

3. Violation of local, regional, or national laws or regulations by parties under the oversight of a holder of a general writ of authorization may result in the revocation of the document and the application of appropriate consequence for any hypothetical malfeasance.

D. Non-neutral parties who act against Lordaeron in specific, or the Horde, in general, will be treated as hostile entities despite claims of neutrality. This can include factions within larger organizations such as Scarlet extremists posing as Argent Crusaders or Alliance arcanists donning the Violet Eye to subvert the good reputation of Dalaran. 

E. Religious Pilgrims regardless of metabolic status, species, creed, or spiritual beliefs may seek approval to pass through Lordaeronian territory to holy sites following edict A. These groups must not violate the terms laid out in all other edicts. The only special stipulation is that pilgrims must be escorted by a minder who is a member of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. Note this restriction does not apply to those under edict A, or those with a writ of absolution for transit as listed under edict C. 

F. Alliance allied factions are barred from passage for any reason. Alliance allied factions or persons caught within Lordaeron’s borders may be subject to arrest and detainment, interrogation, confiscation of goods, conscription, forfeiture of constituent spell reagents, and fines. Alliance allied factions of persons may still seek writs of absolution as per C, or may be overseen by a trusted neutral faction.¬†

Lordaeron Strategic High Command 

The Eternal Court Of Lordaeron

OOC: This is a opt-in-only rp decree designed to foster more cross-faction political rp and engagement. We welcome rp about this decree, and do not expect nor demand players to observe this decree against their ooc will.

Forsaken Noble Gathering – Border Edict

“A great many Forsaken, who are still standing landed nobility within Lordaeron borders, were summoned to weight in on the matter of border security to help draft an edict regarding defense of our lands. With a few revisions and adjustments that night a border edict was agreed upon and issued to those nations nearest to our borders, and those who cross into our territorial claims.”

Lordaeron Noble Meeting – Border Security (RP Event)

A brief letter is sent out to the various known Nobles of Lordaeron among the Forsaken who still have active claims to lands in Lordaeron. These invitations are tightly controlled and should not be accessible outside the intended nobility.

You are hereby coordinately requested to join an advisory session regarding the border defense of Lordaeron against increasing hostilities against the people of Lordaeron from the Alliance.

Lordaeron Strategic High Command
Deathstalker Field Commander Serial #1971L
By The Will Of Our Queen and Our People

OOC: RP discussion and meeting regarding border security and defense of Forsaken/Lordaeron territories. Characters attending this should be undead who are Lordaeron Nobles with active land claims.

  • Time: 8pm server / 9pm est
  • Date: Oct 10th, 2021 (Sunday)
  • Location: Ambermill Town Hall
  • OOC Contact: Banshih