The Mists Roll In..


The Undercity Nexus has been given a new assignment in the darkest depths of Stormheim. In recent weeks, there have been raids on coastal outposts, Forsaken camps laid to waste, ransacked, crews missing. At first it was thought the Gilnean menace were up to no good- but the true culprit has revealed itself.

The mists roll in, and when it leaves- they take everything. It is the workings of the kvaldir, the accursed Helarjar… and we are tasked with going against them, stopping them in their tracks- and recovering our stolen ships. 

The biggest concern is the haunting toll of a mariner’s bell..

((Our new campaign, Beware the Kvaldir, is in full swing! See the guild calendar for more information, or visit the forums for the campaign post!))

Daggit’s Camp – Stormheim


((This is an epilogue to the event ‘Blues’.))

The fog was too thick to see anything, but the loud bang of gunshots was enough to turn heads down at Daggit’s camp. The old dreadguard captain himself walked to the barricade protecting his tents and frowned, gazing up to the cliffs.

“Damn the weather,” he mumbled, and began to pace. “Damn the beasts.” His internal dialogue continued where his tongue could not: And damn me, too. Resorting to mercenary help- what an embarrassment..

As Daggit began to pace, muttering to himself, his dreadrider came up behind him. She eyed his motions for a moment, canting her head- and soon enough, spoke, adjusting her goggles on her half-charred face. “Captain, the weather’s due to get worse,” Aggie reminded him. “We need to act. I know we’re desperate for help, but the worgen already have an advantage.”

Daggit covered his face with a palm, and dragged it down and away. “Right. Well.” He let out a sigh, and shook his head. After a long pause, looking over his camp, he crossed his arms. “If we don’t hear from the hired help by the hour’s toll, we’ll take cover in the ships. If they’ve been swarmed by the Gilneans, hopefully they’ve at least weakened them. And by then- what are you looking at?”

Daggit followed Aggie’s gaze over his shoulder- watching the small band of ‘mercenaries’ make their way back. “..well I’ll be damned,” muttered the dreadguard.

“Job’s done. We put down th’ dogs fer ya. Had ta shake ’em outta th’ trees, but it’s over,” drawled the golem, patting the dead worgen he had over his shoulder. “The rest of ’em are burnin’. This one, I’m gonna go pelt.”

Dreadrider and dreadguard both stared on, blinking. “’re certain?” Aggie asked.

The towering figure nodding down to the dreadguard. “Ya’ll should be fine, fer now. We even took care’a the glaive thrower.” He paused before leaving, if just to say: “I’ll let command know ya’ll are without a paddle out ‘ere.”

Aggie and Daggit exchanged glances, before the captain let out a little chuckle. “…you have my appreciation, then. Dark Lady watch over you.”

A Lesson Failed


To: Forsaken High Command

Ever since our recent encounter with the Nathrezim disguised as Thomas Oddfellow, one big question has remained: Was Oddfellow a cultist working in favor of the Legion? Or was he merely captured and replaced with an agent? Now, that questions has been answered.

Two members of the Nexus, Gricen Hemlock and Aelmus Deklavar, managed to track down Oddfellow’s location to some ruins located in a region known as Desolace. The ruins were swarming with Demons and Cultists, and there were four portals scattered around the ruins. One of them appeared that it was being powered by Oddfellow himself, though it was not clear whether he was doing this willingly. The Nexus and its allies assembled on a hill overlooking those ruins, and there we prepared our assault.

The plan went as follows: We would split into two groups. The first had the task of entering the ruins without attracting too much attention, and getting as close to Oddfellow as possible. The second group, which I was apart of, had to create a diversion to allow for the first group to accomplish their task, and then to join with them once the bulk of the forces were repelled. Finally, someone stayed in the back with an arcane mortar, to provide artillery support.

Everything at first went according to plan. Even though someone in the Frontline attracted the attention of the entire encampment with his battle shout, we were able to fend of the bulk of their forces. The other group had nearly made it to Oddfellow’s portal without attracting much attention when we joined them. At this point, however, things began to deviate from the plan. At this point, Oddfellow’s true allegiance was unknown to all of us. As a result, we were unsure whether our mission was to rescue a prisoner or to thwart a traitor. Once we reached Oddfellow, we had no uniform plan of what to do. People argued what the next step shall be, which resulted in us falling into his trap.

He appeared to be handcuffed, but he was not actually imprisoned. The cuffs themselves had empowering runes on them. Once this was discovered, Oddfellow attacked. His magical strikes were devastating to our already battle weary group. He was protected by a barrier which we for a while simply could not get through. After many spells, a few axe strikes, and even an explosion, the barrier was down. In that brief moment where he was vulnerable to attack, we wounded him. However, he was then pushed into the portal, which was then destroyed.

Oddfellow is a traitor. He is a powerful cultist, and he is on the loose. Though we were victorious, we have not seen the last of him.

From: Deathguard Captain Henry





Deklavar and I did the best we could to subtly pull everyone in. I don’t know how this could have happened..

We made our summons to ruins near Deadwind Pass to those impacted by the traitor apprentice, all in order to give them our new intelligence: that this apprentice must be a false identity, for the real Hewick had been dead for some time. We told them that we suspected Thomas Oddfellow was either involved or in danger, due to his proximity to the situation. We told them of the plan to bait him with the temptation of a rare artifact, and corner him, trap him, in order to receive the answers we needed. But of course.. we were played as fools.

Just as intended, Thomas came to the bait, but Deklavar immediately knew something was wrong. He had but a few seconds to warn us, before the illusion of Thomas Oddfellow shattered and a damned Nathrezim stood in his place. He immediately opened assault, and in such close quarters, we were doomed. Those facing the dread lord did all that they could to damage him and weaken him, with Versiah attempting to cripple the monstrosity, and even with our friend Lexibella from Blackbriar throwing up ice barriers to prevent us from being knocked around so easily- but the creature was almost impervious. Our number was too few, and his power was too great.

Dreadlord Odd

External aid was called for, and while I struggled to get our team outside, we made a few last-ditch efforts to take down the creature. Felfire scorched us, shadows tore at our flesh. I am surprised those few living that attended were not more badly injured. Commander Bendricus even lost an arm in trying to escape, being the last out the door. We managed to trap the Nathrezim inside, before making it outside- just in time for the external aid (a mage named Farel Arc) to release the energy he’d been building from the local leyline nexus. Arcane tore through the ruins, and we heard the creature suffering inside.

But of course, it wasn’t dead. Moments later, severely damaged, its innards almost trailing out, the beast made one final effort in assaulting us. But this time, we were prepared. One after the other, we all made open assault to finish the dread lord off. The demon was slain, by the combined power of our team.. but it left us with a sour realization. We know that Thomas Oddfellow has not been a Nathrezim the entire time. One of two possibilities lay before us, as our team was healed by the initiate Rae.

One, Thomas Oddfellow had been captured and replaced by the Nathrezim when the cult realized we were getting too close, using Thomas’ communicator as a way to scry the rest of us. Afterall, a nethermancer and dreadmage would be very useful to a cult trying to bring the Legion to Azeroth.

Or two, Thomas Oddfellow was still yet involved, and very willing in this action, leaking information to the Legion in return for empowerment. There’s no way to tell for certain, but we’ve at least one certainty that lay before us: we need to find Thomas Oddfellow, and either rescue him, or destroy him. 

G. Hemlock

Addn: Aelmus Deklavar is tracking Oddfellow’s communicator. We’ll have his location by dawn, and we will be able to scout the location before taking it by storm the following evening. I can only hope that our living allies still feel up to task.


The Sister Speaks

Sermon Amb.png

A sermon was held this eve, words spoken in the wake of the tragedy earlier in the week..

“This place…this was a home to us. We made it our own, struck a place for ourselves in a world that did not want us to have any such thing. We exercised our will and bent it to our design. It was a home.” She gestures behind her, her arm sweeping. “It is no more. It is a literal crater of its former self, because the Legion pushed its will into our territory, and its will got the better of us. This will happen again. We are all but guaranteed more of this Fel nonsense invading our lands, taking our things and destroying them.”

“The Legion is coming. We all know this. What I have to say to those of you who have come is this: We have fought them before. We know who we face. We know what they do. And we know we -can- defeat them. This has been proven many times throughout Azeroth’s history. Every time they have come we have prevailed through sheer, unrivaled power and tenacity. Every time they have set foot here, they have been forced off! We have the will to drive them from our world again!”

“We MUST stand strong. We MUST dissent. We MUST show them that this petty assault is NOTHING and they will NOT frighten us with it! This having been said, I also offer those assembled a warning: Do not become so desperate during these times you forget YOUR will is what matters. Do not turn, as some already have, to the Void – it WILL destroy your mind and your body and leave you with nothing to show for your surrender. You will do its bidding, as you will do the bidding of the Legion if you surrender to Fel. We have seen the latter happen already, across Draenor. Fel corrups. Void destroys. Maintain vigilance always and do not  lose yourselves in a desperate bid for power.”

“Defend your home but do not lose yourself. Be free as we were made to be. Accept no fel, no void, no corrupt overlords to your own mind! Defend our world and show them they should have never, ever, come back to us. Give them the destruction they so crave at our hands!” Sister Serata’s eyes have blazed into a very deep, somewhat frightening red. She’s clearly very, very upset at our loss and really really doesn’t like demons. Or void. “You are Children of the Shadow. Show our invaders what that means! Show them YOUR power, show them YOUR will, show them they have picked the WRONG TARGETS and DRIVE THEM FROM OUR MIDST!”

She gestures at the fel-burnt town again. “DO NOT LET THIS BE OUR FUTURE!

Remain attentive, for this will not be the last time Sister Serata leads a sermon on the matter. She will speak more in the coming weeks.


Infernal Chaos

Infernal Amb

When the royal dreadmage’s lecture on demonology was hijacked by a treasonous apprentice a few weeks ago, we all knew there was a problem. Especially considering the rise in cultist activity, and later, learning of the ominous warning spoken by the dwarven king..

But this is too much.

Last night, we were attacked. A damned infernal, summoned by that treasonous finger-waggler, obliterated our tavern, and took out half the town hall and some of the surrounding structures. The entire area is fel-blasted. The tavern-goers were nearly wiped out by the surprise attack, and we were unable to catch her.

Before she vanished, however- she beckoned us to join the Legion, and as we stood defiant, she informed us she would need to inform the Marshal

This is all connected. The Legion, the cult, the treason..

It’s time to act.

Replace Your Communicators!


After one too many security concerns passed by their ears, the quartermasters took it upon themselves to look into bringing about new communication devices. These new devices, crafted by Aelmus (with the help of a few others), are very similar in appearance to the original skull-shaped radios. They are more secure, more sturdy, and far more dependable. They can function where the old ones don’t, can be tracked better and farther, and bind to their owner once they’re used.

The new communicators are works of magitech, combining artificing and technology to create something a bit more useful than before. If the magic bit fails, the tech bit will pick up the extra work- and vice versa. However, they’re quite expensive- so any rotter breaking theirs will need to pay an out-of-pocket fee for any repairs or replacement.

It is mandatory for every rotter in the Nexus to switch out their communicators for a new one before June 30. On that day, at noon, the old communicators will be remotely shut down. Permanently.

Speak to Aelmus Deklavar, Ickariss, or the spymistress for your replacement, or send them post for your device to be shipped. Be warned, shipped devices will likely have additional protections on them, lest they fall into the wrong hands in transit.

Practical Lessons

Oddfellow's Classes

After the death of yet another rotbrain, I’ve taken it upon myself (more or less) to attempt to seed some knowledge into the Undercity Nexus- in hopes that they might be able to have some use against foes that aren’t flesh and bone. The knowledge I’m imparting at this point, sadly, is mere basics of interaction and defense- but we must start somewhere.

My classes into practical approaches in dealing with elementals- given that they’ll be dealing with the likes of Twilight cultists and possible other shamanistic entities again eventually- have been successful, thus far, I believe. Tonight, I’ll attempt to teach them about the elementals of earth- which is a tad different than those of water or fire, which I have already held classes on. It will be a true test, and I hope they are prepared for it.

Practical lessons, hmn. A bit of damage tends to teach that lesson well enough, doesn’t it? However, if they fail this test, I myself, no doubt, will need to re-examine my approach before we head out to the final test- in Uldum.

Thomas Oddfellow

The Shadow Ring

Undercity Nexus - MG Horde RP Guild

the shadow ring

“I beckon you, brothers and sisters, to the Shadow Ring.

The Cult of Forgotten Shadow wishes to extend an invitation to our allies within the Horde- be you alive, or be you dead, all may benefit from the Shadow’s lesson. Respect, Tenacity, and Power are tools and tenants that may prove essential in our darkening realm.. and we mean to offer understanding in a form that all may comprehend..”


Undercity Nexus’ brawling night once again returns as a Cult of the Forgotten Shadow training practice known as The Shadow Ring. This tournament-style brawl is an attempt to teach the lessons of Respect, Tenacity, and Power- the three base tenants of the Cult- by putting ally against ally. Those that make it to the final round will receive gold! Though, really, the hope is that the characters come away with wisdom and discipline as well as coin.

How does it work?


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