D20 System

D20 RP Dice System
Warcraft D20 RP

This system is for internal guild use, and is not the same as the cross faction dice fighting system. This is a brief over view of a fairly simple system based on the assumption that the characters are competant. We could easily make this system more complex but prefer a simpler system to allow for easy learning and use. Over time this system will be modified and updated as flaws are discovered, or new ideas are generated.

  • Roll: /roll 20
  • Character Health: Base HP is 5. Please keep your current HP in your RP Addon’s ‘Currently’ section so others can see! If a character reaches 0 health, they are incapacitated and unable to engage in further combat or dice based actions (until healing occurs).
  • Damage: Base damage is 1, but critical blows can deal 2 damage!


1-5 Failure! Your character did not succeed in their attempt.
6-17 Success! Your character succeeded, good job!
18-20 Critical Success! They did so well, they were a little bit epic!

How it Works:
D20 RP works on a turn basis, usually one post/action per turn. When the DM calls for a roll, the dice should be rolled (the command in-game is /roll 20). The dice are always rolled first- and the roleplay emote comes after.

If your character owns a minion or pet, they get their own rolls, but please include them in the same emote, so the DM doesn’t get confused!

Dice are typically only used during combat or otherwise tricky or difficult situations. There are no rolls required otherwise, but it is always up to the DM’s discretion. If they’re asking you to roll for it, there’s usually a good reason!

Types/Examples of Combat Actions:
Attack– The DM will announce an attack round. Your character may attack a target of choice! If you critically succeed, you deal double damage!
Defense– The DM will announce a defense round. Your character defends from an attack! If you make a critical success, you can defend someone that was not so successful!
Healing– During an attack round, instead of attacking, your character may heal themselves or others! This does not require a roll, but you can only heal 1 point at a time during combat.
AOE– During an attack round, your character may deal widespread damage or healing! You cannot critically succeed with an AOE.
Buff– During an attack round, your character may perform an action that benefits others’ abilities! This provides a temporary +1 based on the buff provided by the roleplay and does not need to be rolled for. Buffs take effect the next turn.
Crowd Control– Before combat or during an attack round, your character may choose to incapacitate instead of deal damage!

If you have an idea but aren’t certain where it fits, whisper the DM!

Nobody likes bad RNG. If you get three failures in a row during combat, your next combat roll is an immediate standard success, no roll required.

Travel Time / Combat Time:
Keep in mind that combat goes much faster than it is being roleplayed. For example: a combat scene that takes an hour to complete in real time, realistically might have only taken ten minutes in the story. As such, typical combat rounds are only considered to take six seconds. Keep this in mind when roleplaying!

Enemy Units:

Enemy units are represented by raid markers. When moving, sneaking, and otherwise engaging a foe consider your characters placement from the marker an accurate representation. In your posts, please OOCly label which target you’re going after in your post using the marker symbols.

♦ Initiative:
The DM decides which party goes first in combat, based on the roleplay and situation. The players may go first if they’re particularly clever, or they might be ambushed by the enemy!

♦ Skills:
If your character is good at something, make certain you make the most of it! Let’s say during combat, an artificer character would like to identify the weak spot of an enemy construct. That player would roll for it- and the DM would whisper them the result. Outside of combat, however, no rolls are required unless the DM says otherwise. Communicate with your DM, and be honest as to the capabilities of your character.

♦ Disadvantage:
The d20 scale as it is assumes characters are skilled at what they are doing! But let’s say your character is trying to do something outside of their combat expertise, or they’re at a disadvantage in the current circumstance- they would not have the same chance at success as someone in a better position. In such a case, one should subtract a number suiting for the challenge they face (-1, -2, -3, -4, or -5). There’s still a decent chance of success, but it’s lessened by the disadvantage your character is at! DMs may also apply disadvantages to characters as applicable, depending on the combat situation.

♦ Post Structure
After rolls are made, your roleplay post should reflect the roll. At the beginning of the post, include the roll result. Try to keep everything organized, and please specify your targets, always. This just makes it easier for the DMs to figure everything out.

Note: Please keep in mind that a failed roll doesn’t mean your character sucks at their job. The enemy could just be clever, having dodged your attack, or anticipated your movements. With this in mind, remember that rolls are just meant to accent the roleplay, not entirely control it!

An example of a post:
(8) Sarah gathered mana, concentrating and chanting in the language of the arcane. Her concentration wasn’t the best, with so much going on! At long last, she released a spiraling burst of arcane energy from her bony fingers, sending it careening towards the necromancer, at {square}.

It also works for defense:
(2) Sarah had tried to dodge, but the demon was quicker! She felt the thick blade of the sword bite into her shoulder, and though she didn’t suffer the pain, she was forced to the ground by the impact. The mage struggled to crawl out of melee range after being hit, ichor splattering down her robes.

(Healing Rupert for 1 hp!) Sarah saw Rupert’s plight and focused, pooling energy in her palms as she rushed to his side. She grabbed hold of his arm, and using the shadow, sutured the limb back into place!

And with pets:
(8 Sarah) (11 Cryoz) Sarah murmurs an incantation, and soon begins to rain down a flurry of enchanted ice on the Scarlets closing in (AOE). Her water elemental, Cryoz, focuses on the obvious shield-bearer at {star}, freezing his legs with bolts of frost!