Draenor Outpost


The outpost was cleared, mostly. Other than the sound of the occasion injured rotter shuffling from building to building as they explore and checked for threats the barren snowy outpost was calm. All of the outposts fires had long burnt out, leaving the Forsaken to the dark of night with only the moon for light.

Even in the dark the slaughter of the previous residents was only too obvious. Blood stained rooms, over turned furniture, and frozen crimson puddles lurk under a fresh layer of snow. What had happened to the residents? Sure some of the corpses where propped up on display, all the same a number of the Horde who had controlled the outpost were unaccounted for.

It was not until the haggard band of Forsaken began to explore the Townhall did they discover the abominable fate of the missing Horde. Within the wooden walls the Townhall had been converted into a charnal house. Bodies hung suspected from crudely fashioned metal hooks, stripped nude and in various states of what would seem to be….slaughter at the hands of a butcher.

This matter is far from over, as the Orcs slain in the ambush surely had allies.

——-Current Garrison Status——-
Town Hall (Repaired, Functioning): Functioning, used for battle plans and rally.
Tavern (Repaired, Functioning): Functioning and the preferred meeting space.
Tannery (Repaired, Functioning):  Functioning and used to process humanoid and animal bodies into more useful supplies.
Apothecary (Repaired, Functioning): Functioning and producing basic potions and supplies.
Stables (Repaired, Not Functioning): Housing UCN mounts in Draenor.

Rooftops: A number of the ambushing Orcs are still dead atop the roofs. The bodies of the dead snipers should be searched, and intel gathered from them…a necromancer is ideal for that job.

(INACTIVE private UCN story. Last updated: Jan 29th, 2015))