Guild Structure

World Of Warcraft RP Guild

The Undercity Nexus, while not completely military, does have structure so that complete chaos doesn’t ensue. Those who have been with the order for some time, and have participated in our efforts, tend to be at a higher level than those who sit idle and do nothing to aid the Nexus’ drive.

Note: all promotions occur at the Court of Miracles, our promotion event. If you miss the Court of Miracles, you might be missing out on your own recognition!

This is a list of the ranks, and their significance, both ICly and OOCly.

(Guild Master: Banshih)
The spymistress is the leader of the Undercity Nexus. She holds authority and responsibility of the guild’s functions as a whole, and coordinates actively with other GMs on the server.

OOC: Chosen carefully, the Harbinger has been with the Nexus for a very long time, and has done quite a lot for and with the guild. The Harbinger has the responsibility of keeping the guild fully functional. They recruit, hold events and campaigns, aid members, enforce the rules, coordinates roleplay, problem-solves, and most importantly- in the event that the GM is unavailable, acts as the GM. The Harbinger is greatly aided by Overseers, and is in constant communication with other core roles.
IC: Perhaps the most loyal and trusted member of the Nexus, the Harbinger has the authority and control of the Spymistress, and only answers to her.

(Sub-Officers: Henryev, Ansadril)
: Overseers are the sub-officers within the guild, and do their best to help the guild run smoothly with many various tasks, whether it be in the background or front-and-center. They may act in the stead of the officer or GM if either is unavailable.
IC: Overseers are trusted members of the order, and when it comes to the tasks of those within the Nexus, overseers are the one to ensure things are done- and done correctly. They have the authority to approve and shut down most actions, and often act as the voice of those superior.

: At this rank, the member has pulled their weight in the guild, and then some: they’ve helped with events, gotten involved in planning, helped recruit new members, or other essential tasks. Those in this rank may also be in-training to become sub-officers, but that does not account for everyone with this title.
IC: Black Hands are elite loyalists. They’ve been through thick and thin, and have yet to falter from the Nexus’ true path. They are usually in charge of specific tasks and roles within the order, but even if they aren’t, they’re capable of carrying their own command, and act as the hand of those superior.

OOC: This is the final rank one can reach without becoming some form of officer. Reapers are members that go the distance in involvement and assistance, and at times, may be considered for more serious promotions within the guild.
IC: Reapers are dedicated. They’ve stood with the Nexus against any opposition, and often work directly beneath those of higher rank. They use their skills to the fullest in order to aid the order, and above all, they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

: Paragons have been around for a while, and have gotten involved where it counts. Paragons are expected to continue to be active and stable, and may help newer guildies get involved.
IC: Paragons are steadfast members of the order. They’ve played to their strengths, and now stand as an example as to what the Nexus is really about. They’re often a sound voice in any court discussion.

: Agents that continue to participate in guild events, and even get involved with guild storylines, will be promoted to specialist. Specialists are stable and active members, and know how the guild works.
IC: Specialists are members of the Nexus that have defined themselves within the community. They have proven their usefulness in one way or another, and oft offer themselves and their skills to be used for the Nexus’ projects.

: Once an initiate has attended a few events (usually five, at least) they’re promoted to an agent. Agents, as players, are regular members. They’ve attended events, and have started to get a feel for how the guild works.
IC: Agent characters have passed the initiation period, and are more accepted members of the Nexus. They’re expected to assist the Nexus’ activities however they can, be it offense, defense, or support- moral or otherwise.

: Welcome to the Undercity Nexus! This is the rank new members will end up in, just after their recruitment. Players at this rank are encouraged to attend events and get to know their fellows within the guild.
IC: Initiates as characters are being carefully watched by those in higher standing- this is their initiation.

This rank includes: inactive members, ooc alts, and those who need recruitment. Being within this rank isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’ve just come back after a long hiatus, or you’ve just joined, be certain to inform an officer so we can do something about it.

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