Form – 965.8975D – Informal Communications

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Form 965.8975D
Informal Communications
Royal Apothecary Society

To My Dearest Festersmith Plaguewrath, Royal Apothecary Society; 

Greetings my beloved little pustule. I’ve got good news, bad news, and more good news for you! The good news is that Lordaeron is getting some allied help from our breather friends from Eversong and Kalimdor! It’s so nice when they come to visit, and even better when they leave a swathe of new recruits to join in our cause! The bad news is that they ARE metabolically active, so the scuttlebutt from High Command is that you’re going to need to move non-standard arcano-alchemical weapons research and production from your current site to the Sludgefields for the next few months. I know that it’s a setback what with all the work you’re putting in to get that ‘special surprise’ ready for Noblegarden, but what can we do? The peerage and the new government want us to make for good friends. The final good news is that I managed to find a bottle of that lotion you like to ease the desiccations of the skin on your darling little buboes! I miss you my dearest pus puddle snuggle wuggle! 

P.S. Have you seen Juicy-Woucy? He does such charming finger 

painter for an abomination.

Horde Conquest Award Night

“A formal reception was hosted to award military awards from the Homefront Campaign and recent Conquest campaign. A number of our people received military awards and recognition for their dedication and service to the Horde. -#1971L”


The following document arrives through whatever method best accommodates the safe delivery of classified documents to suit your character needs. The document is magically sealed, with arcane warding against tampering or manipulation baring a Lordaeron wax seal. Only the character who this document is intended can open the classified report. Should there be tampering, or others attempting to open the document the paperwork within is simple blank grey vellum.

This document is sent only to landed Forsaken nobles of Lordaeron, 1 document per household.

Left Hand Path – Monthly RP Gathering

“Once a month the Left Hand Path gathering, focusing on creating and fostering a community of those who practice arts such as the feel, and necromancy. It has been some years since such a gathering was last hosted, and the excellent turnout is a good boost to morale.”

Ashara Deployment In Defense Of The Horde – Homefront RP Campaign

“Like previous campaigns, there was a fall in before the barracks in Org, with a speech and blessings before the troops deployed to address a concern facing all of the Horde.”

“As is tradition, before the deployment there is a military parade through Org.”

“Our rank and file take great pride in demonstrating discipline and focus during such marches. Our marching formations are a point of pride.”

Court Of Miracles

“For the first time in a good many years, the Court Of Miracles. A good many rotters within our ranks were acknowledged for their endeavors and long-standing efforts to thawrt our foes.”