Relics & Library

Forsaken RP Guild

The Undercity Nexus has acquired various relics, texts, and other items of power and interest over time. Some of these items are used by guild members, other items are in secure storage.  Persons outside the guild should not have knowledge of most of these items, and even many guild members do not know of the existence of all the items listed below. Not all of these items are known to exist, please do not assume that by reading this page your character has knowledge of the existence of these items or their location. Many of these items are used internally for ritual purposes, lending to the Order’s cult like feeling.

Any rp involving the relics needs to be approved of by the UCN GM.


  • Martyrdom
    • History: This sword was used to behead the ArchBishop Mellar on the front steps of Lordaeron. It has since been reforged, and now served as a dark relic. Having been subject to a Scourge soul forge, the awakened blade aches for the lives of Light welders, and has expressed it’s own limited dark will. No common man may wield this blade, as proper handling requires attunement at a soul forge to ward off it’s corruptible influence.  Those using the blade without proper attunement will quickly find themselves cursed, or worse.
    • D20 Stats: +1 to shadow casting, +1 to attack rolls vs Light-wielders
    • Currently Held By: Secured in the Vault
  • Ceremonial Tureen – The Archbishop’s Skull
    • History: The rear half of the Archbishops skull was preserved and left undefiled. It is rumored that the Undercity Nexus now uses this in private ceremony, allowing for the biting pain of the Light’s presence on the item to serve as a test of pain.
    • D20 Stats: -1 health to hold or drink from if user is undead
    • Currently Held By: Secured in the Vault (Vault location is unknown to the public.)
  • Pious Visage – Lightslayer Masks
    • History: These grisly silver face masks were cast from the skull of the slain archbishop. Ornamental in nature these masks are favored among Lightslayers in the Nexus, as they help them attune for the hunt.
    • D20 Stats: +1 to perception roll checks
    • Currently Held By: Various Lightslayers
  • Necromantic Goggles
    • History: A strange pair of goggles looted from a worgen cult’s base of operations- they had been working on a means to deconstruct and disable the undead, and were using Forsaken prisoners as test subjects. When worn, the goggles show the spiritual energy signatures of beings.
    • D20 Stats: +1 to perception roll checks, +1 to pre-existing necromantic abilities
    • Currently Held By: Ansadril Lem
  • The Standard Of Three
    • History: The standard of three was created during the Crusade launched by the Church Of The Holy Light, lead by Manstein. During the Crusade a number of Forsaken civilians in Brill, and other areas were captured and killed in inhumane and painful manners. The heads of 3 slain civilians were collected, and affixed to a Forsaken battle standard. The offensive Alliance force was confronted with their crimes, and threatened. Refusing to stop the slaughter of Forsaken civilians, a retaliation action was taken and the Standard left behind at the sight of carnage. The retaliation took form in the slaughter of an Alliance city, the dead citizens used to desecrate the local Church Of The Light.
    • D20 Stats:   +1 Intimidation verses living
    • Currently Held By: Destroyed / Lost
  • The Scourge
    • History: This whip is designed with Forsaken and capital punishment specifically in mind. The scourge is flesh colored, with curious colorful marking scattered around it’s length on the hilt and lashings alike. Along the length of the lashing, various silver hooks have been affixed. What is so exceptional about this scourge is that the leather was harvested from a Scarlet Crusader who was a devotee to the Light, and that the silver hooks were once parts of some relics. The colorful markings found on the ‘leather’ were actually the Scarlet’s religious tattoos. Though the flesh and relics themselves are no longer holy, the trace taint of the Light makes the scourge an ideal torture device for use against undead.
    • D20 Stats: +10% damage against Forsaken and undead.
    • Currently Held By: Secured in the Vault (Vault location is unknown to the public.)
  • Mourning Rings
    • History: These plain and unassuming dark metal rings have a grim and secret history that only a select few know of. There is a strange magical taint to them is hard to define, and is not from any obvious school of magic. There are a number of these rings in existence, and are given out very rarely as a reward.
    • D20 Stats:N/A
    • Currently Held By: Alorinis (For aide rendered connected to the creation of the rings), Ickariss, Serata, Banshih, Ansadril
  • The Void-Touched Blade
    • History: An iron-wrought dirk with a black liquid line running through the blade. This void-touched dagger was a sacrificial dagger used by maddened ogre cultists of Draenor. It was found, by chance, by the Nexus, when paying retribution on these ogres for the assault of the Draenor outpost and the taking of their golem.
    • D20 Stats: +1 to Shadow abilities
    • Currently Held By: Secured in the Vault (Vault location is unknown to the public.)
  • Red Warhorse Barding/Caparisons
    • History: The red Caparisons worn by the Skeletal War Horses the members of the Nexus ride are made from fabric scavenged off of dead Scarlet Crusaders.
    • D20 Stats:N/A
    • Currently Held By: TBA


    • Necromantic Research Tomb Collection
      • Subject: A collection of books about the raw nature of necromancy. There are many journals filled with many failed experiments upon Forsaken and Scourge subjects.
      • History: Worgen cult in Northrend who were studying how to deanimate Forsaken.
    • Cult Of The Damned Texts
      • Subject: A collection of books and tomes gathered from various Cultists. Among these are census, formula charts, plague designs, necromantic plots, and the horrors of the Cult of the Damned’s most depraved ideas.

    This page Is a work in progress and will be updated on an as need basis.