Guild Rules

World Of Warcraft Forsaken Guild

Complaints, problems, and accusations of problem behavior, whether inside or outside of our guild, should have screenshots of the offense in question to support the concern. Proper documentation of rule-breaking is the key to effectively dealing with a problem-causer. If there is a problem, we highly recommend politely requesting the behavior to stop, documenting the offensive action, and if it does not stop, end contact with the party with the /ignore feature. If you need help with screenshots, try . Check out this free tool, too: .

 SP & PP
In your guild note, there will be SP and PP.

  • PP (Participation Points): The officers will keep a point system of activity in the officer note area of the character which will influence promotions- but points aren’t the only thing that influence promotions. Promotions are based on merit and involvement, as well as activity. 
  • SP (Strike Points): Three strikes, and you’re out. While some offenses merit an immediate kick, minor infractions will earn a strike. Officers keep a close track of these, and players are commonly warned when a strike is added to their record.


  • Roleplay is required within the guild. However, PVE and PVP are optional. If you wish, you may run PVE and PVP with the guild. Remember, dungeoning in groups of three or more guildies generates guild gold!
  • All members are encouraged to have a roleplay add-on such as MyRoleplay or TotalRoleplay. We ask that your roleplay add-on is filled out in a tasteful manner that does not include blatant ERP references or triggering material.
  • The guild calendar lists our events. When possible, please sign up to events that you intend to attend (or sign up as tentative if you’re uncertain). This will help those running events plan ahead. Make sure you put events on the calendar at least a few days in advance, so folks have a chance to see it!
  • Players inactive for three or more months risk being removed from the guild during inactivity sweeps. If you know you are going to be absent- such as those busy with school, work, or military- please inform us so we don’t remove you. We respect that the real world has priority, and try our best to be understanding.
  • Players within the guild are expected to observe established Warcraft lore. A lore resource we approve of for reference is .
  • Please do not godmode. We try to be as realistic as possible within this universe, and believe in balance when we create our characters. Power is okay, but try to be reasonable and fair.
  • Please do not metagame. Don’t use OOC information ICly, unless a DM or another player has given you permission to use it. If your character can not plausibly know that information, please don’t use it. When in doubt, ask permission.
  • Respect the guild bank. Everyone’s free to take out things that they need, we just ask that you don’t sell it on the AH.
  • We use the Red Skeletal Warhorse for guild ride-outs and screenshots. If you do not have the red warhorse, the Purple Skeletal Warhorse will suffice. 


  • Players must be 18 and older to join the guild. Undercity Nexus is a mature guild, and often tackles darker content such as body horror, medical horror, and bodily harm. Due to the darker nature of our rp we feel it is best to define ourselves as an adult only community.
  • We are an LGBTQA+ community and welcome everyone. Comments that are homophobic, transphobic, or sexist are not welcome in our guild.
  • Be kind. We are here to have fun. We will not tolerate the act of trolling, spamming, bullying, flaming, or other malicious and mischievous disruption. This includes in-game, in services like discord, and on the forums. 
  • No public ERP or ERP profiles. What you do in private is your own business, but the moment it becomes public under our guild name, it becomes unacceptable. This is a bannable offense.
  • Children and child-concepts are not acceptable. We do not engage in rp involving horror and harm to under age characters.
  • Self-control is preferable. Players will be held accountable for actions performed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, no exceptions. If you break a rule (or do something equally irresponsible) while drunk, you will receive the same treatment as if you had broken the rule while sober.
  • There are things even we won’t do. The Forsaken RP community frequently engages in darker rp themes such as bodily horror due to the characters being undead. However, there are some lines we don’t cross, including but not limited to: sexual torture, child abuse, snuff themes, sexual mutilation, etc. If you are engaging in torture/violence roleplay with someone else, we enforce a consent rule, meaning you must have written OOC permission to pursue that roleplay. Darker rp themes should only be conducted by adult rpers with adult characters.


  • All standard rules are still enforced.
  • Please refrain from the act of camping. If someone resurrects and runs off, let them go, and engage them fairly later. However, if they resurrect and attack you, they are free game.
  • Flying mounts are frowned upon. Ideally, at RP-PVP events all members should stay out of the air unless told otherwise.
  • We ask that you attempt to do your best, including leveling up your honor talents, at least a little. Those honor talents can help quite a bit, and makes pvp a bit easier and fun! This rule isn’t really enforced, but it will help in the long run.
  • Please flag for pvp in advance.
  • Remember to keep your ‘cool’ when RP-PVPing, and please be respectful of your fellows, no matter what side they’re on. We understand that it can be infuriating, but, win or lose, keeping a level head is important for everyone’s enjoyment.


  • Respect your fellows. Infighting only leads to a weaker bond, and so within the order, please try not to deny your fellows the respect they are due.
  • Respect our allies. We have friends among the living who have risked much for us- when among such parties, please adhere to a diplomatic profile. We do not have room to make more enemies than we already have.
  • World treason is unacceptable. To give in to the Old Gods, to follow the Legion- these are the marks of a traitor, even among the dead.
  • We are not Scourge. Behave as they do, and be treated as they are. Some of our tactics may be morally questionable, but there are lines even we do not cross. In addition, we do not target unarmed civilians or the innocent; save our efforts for those that are worth it.

Secret Word: Humerus

Forsaken RP Guild - Moon Guard

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