Snuffing Out The Light – Part 2


The trial begins before the gates of the ruins of Lordaeron.

“Records from the trial of Mellar.
Verdict: Guilty, death by beheading.
Date:First month of the year on the first day.
Where: Before the ruins of Lordaeron.

The Court of the Dark Lady recognizes that the arch heretic and crusader known as Archbishop Columban V stands before its benevolent mercy. This court now stands in session. We, the wronged people of Lordaeron demand the accused answer his charges. Is it true that you have come to the lands of the sons and daughters of Lordaeron of your own free will? Is it also true that you surrendered yourself for judgment?

The Archbishop stands charged of crimes against the surviving true citizens and rightful claimants of Lordaeron: the Forsaken and their Majesty The Dark Lady. The Archbishop stands accused of the following crimes, of which he was part and parcel to.

The Court commands the Archbishop to answer for his actions during the savage and utterly uncalled for Crusade against the people of Lordaeron. The Court will hear his words to explain his reasoning for the support of the brutalization of unarmed civilians, the breaking of the most sacred of treaty pacts and peace accords, and the wholesale and unabated murder of unarmed civilian and military prisoners. The Archbishop will explain to his victims the course of thought that lead him to consider the execution of more than four hundred unarmed non-combatant innocent men and women to be acceptable, and why those under his command felt that such a breach of contract, and an end to fair dealings between warring parties was acceptable given the circumstances. More so, why did such crimes go unpunished, and uncondemned?

In willingly coming into hostility territory, seeking capture the Arch Heretic has incited the masses against the rightful remaining People of Lordaeron and the Dark Lady. In being here the Aberration of the Light fashions himself a martyr, when in fact he is seeking suicide if only to further his political agenda. This manipulative agenda will result in the bloodshed, suffering, and death of untold others. For this charge, he stands guilty.

May his soul share in the suffering of the lives he has destroyed. May the Dark Lady’s justice be done, Shadow save our Queen. The court has ruled that the guilty shall die by beheading, and shall not have a second chance at life through undeath.”


An Alliance rescue effort was launched, and arrived too late…we were however happy to dump the remains of the burnt body at their feet.

Snuffing Out The Light – Rp Event / Story

“One of our Lightslayers has acquired the…..presence of the ArchBishop Mellar. The Alliance are in an uproar, and we have a hear to remove from it’s shoulders. -U”


The Alliance are aware of his captivity and are eager to shed blood. The ArchBishop’s folly has stoked the Crusader’s fires.

During the darker winter months an icy rain frequently fell upon the Tirisfal Glades. Biting frigid waters from the north were drawn down along the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, bringing with them howling frigid rains. In the wake of such rain, layers of ice easily formed upon everything it touched – adding a sort of mythical beauty to the now twisted landscape. Most Forsaken who endured patrols and or were station in the Glades had to take extra special care to avoid undesirable conditions such as fungal infection brought on by the moist conditions, frozen limbs, and various other necrosis. 

The weather only compounded the bitter attitudes of the Deathguards stationed in the Glades. As it were, brutality was easy to provoke, and what hopes for mercy any living might have was cast aside during such unsavory conditions. Under the burden of the freezing rain, much of the fighting force ached for an excuse to unleash their ire upon any target that so warranted their malice.

So when a single human male, of great age made his way along the roads toward the Bulwark – it was only too soon for the otherwise mild if not curious matter to turn into blood sport…

Diminished in stature, and clearly made frail with age what sport was there in beating an old man? None. More so, it took the guards but a moment to note the presence of a great many of holy symbols on his robes to decide it was wises not to meddle with one who wielded the Light. It would be far more amusing to allow for the old man to pass, and then summon a Lightslayer…