The Skies Rain Green Fire

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OOC: UCN has kicked full swing into the Legion storyline, and have run a Broken Shore campaign. We are now involved in the Rise Of The Legion Campaign. The guild is heavily active once more, with people eagerly embracing rp once more as the server springs back to life with fresh new content.

Alliance Funeral Detail Verses Vulture Patrol


“Word from an inside informant had reached us that the body of a predominant Stormwind noble was being transported back to Stormwind to be returned to his family for proper burial. This person was of special interest and value due to his potential knowledge of Alliance military workings. Further more, there were rumors of magic items of interest to us being smuggled with or on his body to Stormwind. We were assigned this Funeral Detail as a Vulture Patrol target deep behind enemy lines. Things went…..poorly for us. The escort units with the body were heavily armed mounted Calvary, while we were more on foot raiders. Though we suffered grave wounds, I suspect that our pride took even greater damage. -U”


Grand Melee – Duel Tournament

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“A grand duel tournament was hosted in the Twilight Highlands, Alliance and Horde alike showing up to shed blood and brawl. Two of our own stepped into the fray, only to find themselves a bit out geared…another time. -U”

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Vulture Patrol – AKA Shovel Party

“Once more we have been given others to ride out on Vulture Patrol, also known as a Shovel Party. We are expected to pull in recruits, and spare parts. A large tithe is expected from everything harvested, that tithe going to the Undercity. All was going well, and our movement went largely undetected…yet somehow alarm was raised and a force was sent in after us. -U”

The ride out went well, everyone was in order and we had scouted in advance.

A portal was held open to the Undercity, allowing us to quickly move harvested parts through it into the awaiting arms of the Lab Assistants on the other side.

In the depths of the crypts we found a wealth of corpses, bones, and other materials of use to us. The Silver Hand were less then…welcoming when they found us in the middle of our work.

Territorial Incursion Incident #10974-B, Response: Artillary

Field Report: Territorial Incursion Incident #10974-B

Response: Artillery, Experimental Ammunition Used In Field Test

Location: Silverpine Front, Ambermill

Summary: Deathstalker Ikthael returned with reports regarding an Alliance encampment in Ambermill. The forces were cited as being armed, and armored: a hostile force. Given the defensive nature of the position, orders were given to shell the location. Due to time constrains, the paperwork to procure Blight was not able to be filed, and so experimental artillery was used. Apothecary Zedane prepared acid bombs, with the assistance of others. Additionally, Apothecary Ansadril took rotting Worgen corpses were gutted and stuffed full of disease riddled filth and the acid bombs.

Test Results: Success, further research requested on acid bombs and corpse bombs.

Area Status: Reclaimed, hostile forces present.

-Deathstalker Field Commander #1971U

Catapults from the Silverpine front lined were turned and placed, then aimed while the ammunition was prepared.

Under the cover of the last volly of catapult fire, we rode into Ambermill. There both forces clashed, the outcome bloody. Alliance troops suffered from acid splash damage, and the flaming pitch covered rotten worgen corpse had started a small fire. We had an unfair advantage, and used it.

The Shovel Head Rises

“She died in the field, answering the call of duty at my hands. A sworn foe allied with the Worgen, the human died without knowing my face or why she was cut low. With her death, the chance at information too died…only it did not. Tonight, she crawled free from her grave and we met with a reception. Rasomil and Abaddon will handle her interrogation. If she does not welcome undeath, death is always an option. -U”


On the battlefield, one does not ask questions so much as seize the moment. She died with a dagger in the back, poison in her veins, and a garrot wire about her throat.


Covered and dirt, and still confused she faced a rather grim reception. Most of us were sympathetic to her plight, and confused state.

Ultimately she is just a victim of fate. Perhaps in time she might join our ranks. For now, she is a person of interest in our keep.

Shovel Party (rp-pvp)


“Knowing that the Alliance shall turn and focus their efforts on the Forsaken after Garrosh falls. Based on reports, Garrosh shall fall soon. With this in mind, we are aggressively ‘recruiting’ humans who have recently fallen in the Siege Of Orgimmar. Graveyard after graveyard has been pillaged for its recently deceased, and have stumbled upon a wealth of bodies and parts. Calling upon our allies for aide we ventured forth to pillage. We like to call these mass recruitment drives ‘Shovel Parties’.”

Battle At The Darrow (RP-PVP)

Battle At The Darrow (RP-PvP, Event Summary)

Alliance Perspective: Currently, the Alliance are eagerly searching out information sources on the Dance Of The Dead. Various Alliance groups have been sent to scout to learn more information in regards to the Forsaken’s celebration – along the way several Alliance scouts were captured by the Forsaken.Loath to passively stand by as their peers were “recruited” into the Forsaken ranks, the Alliance acted swiftly to confront the captors to liberate their peers.

Horde Perspective: An Alliance strike force was causing problems for the Forsaken and their allies. The fact of the matter is that a leading official within the Deathguard allied about the true nature of the matter to rally troops. The Horde’s forces thought that they were simply defending against an Alliance offensive.

Results: The fighting was brutal, each side believing their cause just. At times both sights were locked into a stale mate, eventually the Alliance over coming out of only the sheer desperate desire to save their peers. Victorious  though bloodied, the Alliance reclaimed their captive peers and then made a hasty retreat to safety. Defeated, the Horde forces scattered to tend to their wounds.


Answering the call to Arms, various forces rallied in the ruins of Lordaeron.


At the Darrow itself, both forces met and soon the blood or ichor was flowing. Impassioned, both sides bought tooth and nail.


At the end of the conflict, the Alliance proved victorious and reclaimed their captive brethren.


Post battle, members of the Nexus were in need of medical care. One newly risen member who still clings to the Light sought the comfort of the Light, only to regret it.