Lordaeron Night Market – Monthly RP

Invitations are sent to vendors of all varieties around every corner of Azeroth. Flyers are posted in taverns, inns, and marketplaces of questionable repute across the realm. Each one reads the exact same message:

“You are hereby cordially invited to venture deep into the dark and dangerous reaches of the North. The Forsaken Kingdom of Lordaeron buzzes with life even through undeath. With the reclamation of the upper parts of the city, a Trade District has been cleared and remains empty…until now….

Eager to regain a semblance of the comforts of life – we are proud to present ~ The Lordaeron Night Market ~ A daring and devious shopping experience that aims to surprise and delight even the most curious of patrons. Unbound by the laws, customs and cultures of our living allies we have the unique ability to offer visitors a chance to experience the strange, creepy, questionable…and possibly even illegal outside of our borders.

So come with me and we will go and see a world of wonderous treasures – at the Lordaeron Night Market in the newly reclaimed Capital City of Lordaeron!”

When:3rd Monday of every Month – First event March 20th, 2023

Time:7pm to 10pm Central / 8pm to 11pm Eastern

Hosted by: Sae’themar Bloodfeather (Pêachês-MG NA)

Where: 9.2.5 Lordaeron Keep – Must have completed the 9.2.5 Calia questline from SL

Sever: Moon Guard-NA, open to all servers

Faction: *Cross-Faction – Horde, Alliance, Neutral*

Market Discord: https://discord.gg/BdeGzJNme8

What kind of merchant booths are you looking for? We are currently looking for fun and darker-themed booths that fall in line with the guidelines of our community which can be found in our discord server. Examples – Poison Crafter, Abomination Parts, Pirate goods, Fenced Illegal goods, questionable magical items. Please keep your booth and wares PG-13

Can I host a new booth? Absolutely! We just ask that the booth falls in line with the theme of the market. We aim to create a certain vibe and aesthetic for this market that provides a quality RP experience for our visitors.

Do RP merchants charge in-game gold? Most merchants generally take rp currency, not game gold. However, it is important to remember that each merchant is different, some merchants might charge game gold for valuable rp items such as crafted goods and toys. Gold tips are always welcome, however.

Are there limitations on the items I can sell as a vendor?: While we are aware that this is a ‘Black Market’ or ‘Illicit Market’ there are certain darker adult themes that are not allowed within this event. Please keep your booth strictly PG-13. More information on this can be found on our server.

Shadow Sermon

“To see a return to the activity of the Cult within the ruins of our Capital is bittersweet. Most interesting and notable was the blend of the living and undead alike present.”

Gnoll Hunt – Decay Elementals

“There is a wealth of information to pillage in the Dragon Isles. While the masses are distracted by plunger, wealth, and advantage, our attention has turned to the elements of decay and the questions they might pose or answer. Among the Apothecary, there is talk about potential cures to undeath..which could be weaponized against us. By orders of High Command, we were deployed to round up and acquire Gnoll test subjects.”

Diplomacy – Gilneas

“A diplomatic invitation and arrangement was made between those representing the government and Kingdom of Gilneas and that of Lordaeron. A number of Deathstalkers were assigned escort duty and shadowed the traveling remaining nobilities of Lordaeron. For the first time in many years, the two courts mingled, much to the horror of the Alliance of Stormwind.”

Conquest Lichfall – Scourge Slaughterhouse Raid

“While the main forces of the Scourge were laying siege to Hearthglen, a team of us were deployed behind the assault to strike at the slaughterhouses while they were the least defended. We were able to do several hard strikes, crippling production and repair abilities for the worst of the Scourge’s horrors. Within the walls were resources, and research to pillage and reclaim for the Forsaken and for the Horde.”

[RP-Event] Lordaeron Memorial Ride – Oct 16th, 2022

“We ride, we ride of our loved ones. We ride for our children, we ride for our mothers and fathers, and we ride for our sisters and brothers. We ride for every life stolen from us by the plague of undeath, and the cruelty of the Scourge. May we never forget that which was stolen from us, that which we loved.” -Sister Beatrice Of The Shadow, Cult Of Forgotten Shadow, Sect Of The Shovel Of Mercy

As Hallow’s End descends upon Azeroth once more, the Forsaken rally once more to celebrate their liberation from the Lich King. In remembrance of the fallen, the festivities this year will begin with a rally and ride in memory of the Fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron, and for the Horde who died defending the Undercity.

OOC Details
This event series is a part of the annual Dance Of The Dead rp event. Dance Of The Dead is an annual Halloween-inspired Forsaken rp event and tournament going back to 2007.

  • Date: Oct 16th, 2022 (Sunday)
  • Time: 8pm MG Server / 9 pm EST
  • Please Bring: Enchanted Lantern, Elixir Of Tongues & Inky Black Potion
  • Server: Moon Guard US (all rp servers welcome, anchors provided)
  • Factions: Horde & Neutral (this event will march through Horde areas and has a chance to aggro guards)
  • Level: Recommended 50+ due to mobs.
  • Tirisfal / Lordaeron Phase: We will be marching through to the 9.2.5 phase of Lordaeron Keep, the Throne Room. Those taking part need to be level 60, and have finished the 9.2.5 quest to take part in the march.
  • Contact: Banshih, Mirchea
  • Hosted By: Undercity Nexus & The Eternal Court Of Lorderon
  • Start: Stratholme Front Gates, Eastern Plaguelands
  • End: Throne Room Of Lordaeron, in 9.2.5 patch phase.

Northwatch Rebellion – Conquest RP

“The Alliance have summoned us to speak on the matter of a rebellion happening at Northwatch. The arrival of Alliance forces into the area has stirred Horde concerns about an invasion force arriving under the guise of quashing the rebellion.”