War Council & Traitors Within

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“Last night a War Council was hosted in regards to the pending Crusade, in which we addressed intel gathered. More so a hot button topic on the floor was the matter of Horde traitors. Traitors within the Horde who bent their knee to the Council Of Bishops and as such would step aside; ignoring military and political obligations under threat of excommunication. The meeting was brisk, details were on point, and the news was taken with a good measure of gravity. Defensive strats and actions are pending. There will be a public meeting in the future, however with the knowledge of traitors in the Horde ranks we will remain cautious and selective for the time being.

We hold out hope that Draenor and the growing Legion problem there will provide sufficient distraction for the Church.

Hosting such a meeting in Silverpine is not without risk, and a good number of Nexus members stood guard, playing an important part as various leaders met. -#1971U”

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Letter From Sister Serata MacDermott

To the members of the Nexus and the clergy and faithful of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow,

It has come to my attention that the Church of Light has yet again overstepped its bounds and sent out a viciously worded letter to its allies within the Alliance – one calling for a crusade upon our people and the destruction of our kingdom based on the assumptions and misunderstandings of their own leadership. It is unlikely they will negotiate the points of it overmuch; they are as blinded as ever by their own supposed righteousness and will not see the truth of the situation.

For some time now – too long, some may say – I have been a proponent of a distant and cold respect for our enemies, a cautious sizing-up of their capabilities and talents rather than rushing in and assaulting the Church full force. I wished, with this approach, only to protect more of us from their grasp, and I admit this may have been too cautious. In the time I have had a memory, I have witnessed nothing but a callous disregard for our people from the so-called Church of Holy Light. While they preach a kindness for all creatures and a measured, disciplined approach to their followers in Stormwind and Ironforge, I have seen nothing of the sort in their actions.

They call for our eradication. They invade our lands. They kidnap us. They torture us without mercy simply because we exist. More than one of our kin has been sent back to us as nothing more than a bag of ashes with no explanations whatsoever. Even now, I have it on authority they flood the streets of the Violet City in an attempt to poison the neutral forces of Dalaran against us. They have, yet again, declared the very people who need their compassion the most anathema and fair game for murder based on nothing more than their own assumptions.

As such, I am informing you all that it is in your interest as faithful Cult followers or as loyal citizens of the Undercity to begin in earnest an increase in your personal power – start your combat training as soon as you can, if you have not already. Better your armor, better your weapons. Learn more powerful spells to shut down their casters. Become better at stealth, that you can flay them from the shadows. Learn how to destroy our enemies utterly.

We will be ready. We will march.

Perhaps they will finally learn that their ill-considered words and brutal acts of violence against us have consequences, and that although they consider us deceased, we are more tenacious than they know. Perhaps they will not. They will be taught to respect us in kind, however, even if it must be bludgeoned into them one lost life at a time.

I intend to take to the front lines personally, and I hope to see every one of you there as well. For the glory of the Forsaken.

Shadow Protect,
Sister Serata MacDermott

Forum post: http://undercityrp.boards.net/thread/648/letter-undercity-nexus?page=1#ixzz3cZXVl587

In Defense Of The Dark Lady

“Once more the Crusade pressed forward, and this time were so foolish as to assault the Undercity. The Apothecaries shall be busy for sometime with their fresh new supply of corpses and bodily parts. -B”

Forsaken RP Guild

We waited in the sewers, expecting the attack to take the easiest and most direct path to the Dark Lady. Instead, the Crusade boldly charged through the ruins into the city proper. It was smart on their part to avoid the smile in the Undercity sewers.

Field scouts provided intell on troop movement and what we might expect. Prior to riding to the Crusade attack, there was a rousing speech.

Forsaken rp-pvp

The fighting in the Undercity was intense, and brutal. Members of the Horde and Alliance alike were slain, all the same the Forsaken stood firm and pushed back these so called Crusaders.

More than just Forsaken fought to defend the Undercity.

The brawling is large scale, and bloody.

Fighting in the Undercity.

Once defeated and pushed from the Undercity, the Crusade fell back to regroup.

After having defeated the Crusade and pushed them out of the Undercity, attempts were made to demand a surrender. The attempts made to press for surrender were met with hostility. In the end, the Crusaders were pushed from our lands.