To: Forsaken High Command

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To: Forsaken High Command

This is going to be brief, as with everything I have on my hands, I have little time available to write lengthy reports.

As everyone should know by now, the Cult of the Damned is currently a fragment of what it once was, but its members are still all too ambitious. A certain cultist, named “Voros,” took inspiration from Garrosh Hellscream, and managed to get into an alternate timeline of Azeroth. Specifically, around the time of the Fall of Lordaeron. In this timeline, he made and continues to make the Scourge significantly more powerful than they were before, which nearly guarantees that the living of that timeline will not stand a chance.

I, along with many others also apart of the organization known as the “Undercity Nexus”, were seen by the Bronze Dragons to be at fault. Their reasoning was that since we had earlier encounters with this particular cultist, we could have stopped it from happening. Therefore are responsible for fixing it. I was outraged towards this reasoning, as I am sure many others were, but we were sent to deal with it anyway.

Although we were forced into the alternate timeline, it is important to note that it is in our interest to take out any member of the Cult of the Damned when we get the opportunity, and that if nobody intervenes with this cultist’s plan, we may have to deal with another scourge pouring into our reality.

While we were there, it became unfortunately clear that the Nexus has a serious absence of an organized chain of command. Even the dragon they sent to assist us was unable to get us to focus on a single mission. The result of this was some of us just trying to find and kill Voros, and then leave, while others wanted to waste time helping the humans of this alternate timeline. It was a mess. If we instead just tracked down Voros’s location, while only communicating with others of this timeline to obtain information, we could have been in and out, as simple as that. Instead, it took a long time to even get an idea of where Voros was. What others need to understand is that once this alternate scourge is no longer a threat to us, it is no longer our problem.

Once we finally managed to focus on a single task, it was not enough. The cultist had enough scourge forces in between us and him that we were unable to complete the mission. We were too busy rescuing prisoners to complete the objective. Our defeat nearly came when we encountered a foe who was able to control the minds of half of us. This failure on our part complicates everything. The Bronze Dragons will soon send us back to that timeline, where we will attempt again to stop Voros once more. This is far from over, but it may simply be too late to stop this cultist when the Nexus lacks an organized chain of command. I would advise whoever reads this to make preparations for our failure. High Command must be ready to deal with another Scourge if need be.

– Deathguard Sergeant Henry

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NPC Story: Blightcook Allison Williams

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NPC: Blightcook Allison Williams


It takes a very strange sort of man to style himself a ‘blightcook.’ Mr. Allison Williams stands as the only currently known former member of the Cult of the Damned who did such. Born to loving parents who earned their keep as household servants to a small, but prosperous barony 27 years before the onset of the Third War, he wasn’t by any accounts special aside from one trait. His size. Standing at nearly seven feet in height, and sporting shoulders more suited to an Un’goro silverback gorilla than a man, the only thing preventing him from making an astoundingly impressive, and imposing figure in gleaming armor as a man-at-arms under his lord was, once again, his size. Allison was anything but athletic, and anything but motived by a desire for physical activity. From a young age, he helped his older sister (a scullery maid) in her duties, and while doing so ran odd jobs for other kitchen staff, including the chefs. This offered him ample opportunity to scavenge leftovers, and he rapidly earned numerous unflattering titles and nicknames.

Two traits developed as he aged that ensured he remained sheltered, and employed. The first was that, in his various scamperings he managed to pick up the culinary arts to an extent that some wondered if he was some form of savant (a skill that lead him to a position that in time would spell ruin and disaster for his erstwhile Lord and Lady). The second was a genuinely friendly, amicable, jovial, and down right mild, pleasant temperament. Quick to laugh, slow to anger, generous with affection, and stingy with venom, every member of the staff and family adored the house’s young chef. This state of being was not to last though. The cliché beginning of the end came, as oft times happened, with the failing health of a loved one.

A summer bought with dysentery claimed his mother quite suddenly. The Lord of the castle had been very generous with prayer for the woman’s health (devout as he was, this was expected), but somewhat less so with the gold required to hire a healer to tend to her, and as such she passed. Concealing a slowly festering resentment, and an even deeper depression resulting from the demise of the parent that had indulged him for the whole of his life, Allison found himself very vulnerable to a few suggestions made to him by one of the wandering couriers that frequented the keep. An end to death. Freedom and equality for all. Immortality for Lord and Peasant alike. This ‘cult of the damned’ seemed more like a ‘cult of damned good ideas’ as he later joked with his fellows. So. As the plague raged, and the faithful gathered to bask in the comfort of delicious food, loving company, high walls, well armed troops, and all the things that made life secure? Allison did what he did best. He cooked.

The Harvest Festival feast that year was, despite the troubles outside a grand one. Minor nobility, down to knights and squires filled vast tables in cavernous feasting halls. Servants, and Lords, all in their proper places crammed mouthful after mouthful of delectable meals down their gullets. The renowned chef’s skill had, if anything been understated by his bragging masters. This was the pinnacle of his career. Fresh, fluffy loaves of bread and rolls. Juicy, soft, perfectly prepared stuffing, and crisp, flakey pie crusts. No one asked where the grain that made the flour that produced these things had come from. Not until they started to fall ill. When the scourge came to enter that forlorn fortress? They found no resistance. Just reinforcements. Thus Blightcook Allison Williams earned his title.

Storyline: AU Fall Of Lordaeron

Status: Slain

The Haunted Mines (RP-PVP)

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“Dark tidings…

I originally sent Deathguard Elite, Kevin Gallows, in my stead to investigate the Horde’s pathetic plea for help with their “haunted mines” in Stonetalon. However, I never heard back from Deathguard Gallows; I rallied aid from the Undercity Nexus and local Horde forces to tackle the blind issue. It was no massive elemental, no legion of kobolds — we stumbled upon a vast slaughter of the Cult of the Damned and an Alliance rescue team much like the one I assembled. Only one Cultist survived whatever grim goal they were up to. The Alliance forces were able to hold onto the Cultist and we were unable to retrieve her from their greedy hands. Alliance reinforcements flooded in after securing the Cultist, thus losing the mine as a whole. I take full responsibility for this failure as the Forsaken have lost key insight into the Cult of the Damned’s operations. There were casualties on both sides, including Deathguard Gallows. If there’s one important detail to note, we know the Cult of the Damned are not only operating in plain sight — they’re hibernating like cowards in the pitch black corners of Azeroth.”

–Executor Crowford

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Sand & Blood: Deployment

Sand & Blood RP Campaign

“Sand & Blood: Day 1, Deployment

Reports have reached us regarding a potential Cult Of The Damned south in Uldar. Though at first glance one might dismiss the location as too absurd and already pillaged, the real concern we see is that the undead present there pre-date the scourge and were potentially created with Titan magic. We mobilized swiftly after a debriefing with Gricen, and from there moved out. Without need for much in the way of supplies, we hope to be upon the matter quicker than expected and be able to corner the potential Cult. Our interests are intelligence based and will require extensive ‘interrogation’ of any subjects captured alive – though rest assured any cultist found will enjoy swift execution without the gift of undeath. -U”

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Announcing: Sand & Blood: Death In Uldum RP Campaign

Moon Guard Rp Campaign

Something rather nasty is going on in Uldum.  

The Undercity Nexus, in the past, has successfully hunted down and eliminated remnant cells of the Cult of the Damned. We’ve stolen their research, usurped their plans, and for the good of Azeroth? We’ve pretty much been cleaning house where others have forgotten to dust. Or scrub. With corrosive cleaning chemicals and sometimes fire. Lots and lots of fire.

It’s been some time since the Nexus has gotten their last lead. But that’s about to change. 

Read more:

Cult Of The Damned

“Long and many are the rumors about the Cult of the Damned. Most of the world has forgotten their presence, seeking more obvious villany elsewhere, which has allowed for the Cult to continue their work. We ourselves are guilty of ignoring the Cult….until recently.

Imagine our surprise when we found a den of the Cultists once more toiling away at the Scholo. For our many necromancers and warlocks, the temptation is too great….we must raid the Scholo and acquire their research material. This task is easier said than done… -B”

There is no easy way in, or simple solution to this complex matter. Henry suggests explosives.