Horde Coalition Meeting – Productive


The Horde Coalition meeting was highly product, with the rising concern of Legion cultists addressed. There were a variety of requests for intel, to which Deathstalker Field Commander #1971u was kind enough to instruct the assembled General on how to address the bureaucratic red ape that is Undercity Intelligence.
“Dearest General, I am writing to inform you of the bureaucratic process required to file an information request with High Command. For those curious regarding our own investigations, we can field questions through a filing of form 9721-b filed through High Command file application windows B in the War section of the Undercity. It is vital that you please use a blue ink, as the undead who processes the forms can not see any other color and all paperwork not filed in blue ink will be returned. Returned paperwork will require an additional form of 96621-T filed in red ink, the shade you get from a berry out of Silverpine. Specifically the late season Silverpine berries. That form is then filed at Deathstalker High Command outpost in Brill, on weekends only.  -Deathstalker Field Commander #1971u”

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Roadside Ambush & The Slaughter

5-26-2016 8-16-03 PM

“While riding out to confront fresh cult activity in the Glades, our riders were ambushed on the road by our own undead brethren and a mysterious figure. The confrontation was bloody, and went poorly for us. Dare say had our members been mortal most would be dead along that road. The initial cult we rode out to investigate was later found to be dead as well. -U “

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