Blight Wagon Escort (RP-PVP D100)

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“In light of recent mission failures we have been given more menial tasks to attend to.  Our primary operations will now be centered around assisting with supply runs, and escorts through the Broken Isles through hostile settings. Though we certainly expected the Legion to pose a pressing threat, we were equally prepared to address the Alliance. Our first escort deployment was a blight wagon, which was destined to resupply troops at a Warden’s Tower.  It was upon the final stretch of our escort ride were we ambushed…

The confrontation itself was bloody, with the Nexus giving nothing easily as we fought to the bitter end and spilled much blood. The fighting itself drew to a stalemate as the Alliance refused to back down leaving us with the option of mutual destruction, or surrender. We opted to blow up the blight wagon, and take out as many of our attackers as possible.”

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Shadow Ring

7-29-2015 8-30-05 PM“The Shadow Ring had a strong turn out, with many members of the Horde eager to test their skills and shed some blood. More than one medic was busy as the injuries piled up. -U”

Talador: Betrayal

“Moving past the distraction of the newly discovered mana bomb, the Nexus met with Crowford’s contact at Sunspear Watch: Dark Ranger Valustria. During the Dark Ranger’s time in Talador, she told of a secret path to the Gorian outpost to obtain what the Nexus were after all along — a potent artifact to stabilize a portal between Warspear and the Undercity. Through careful maneuvering and quick thinking, the Nexus obtained an artifact called the “World Mirror” from an Ogre arcanist, O’zegg the Mad Magician. The victory was short lived as the thought-to-be ally, Sarallel Felstrider, betrayed the Nexus; she showed her true colors as a Dreadlord of the Burning Legion and plans to use the World Mirror to usher in the end of Draenor.”

Our Hands Are Full – Naga And Bomb Concerns


“Interrogation of the naga captive regarding recent events went well. More so, once the prisoner was of no value to us, we conducted a rather insightful living anatomy class upon the subject. From the depths of the holding cells in the Undercity we then moved out to answer an interesting call in Draenor. What we thought was a chance to acquire a power source of our own to fuel a stable portal to Draenor with has turned into a wholly separate and delicate matter. It would seem we’ve acquired an unstable primitive mana bomb, and need to extract the power core from it….or simply deploy the bomb against a target of interest. Perhaps, we should reach out to the KirinTor on this matter. -Deathstalker Field Commander #1971U


On Darker Tides Prt 1

darkertidesd20 tumblr_inline_nnloppofQn1rf7amf_540 “A distress call was issued, and with so many forces still deployed in Draenor we were one of the few mobile enough to rally and ride. Distressingly, we were sent to the Isle of Quel’Danas, and there found fresh conflict and more than ample naga.” tumblr_inline_nnloq34ynF1rf7amf_540

D20 & Event Planning Workshop


The UCN D20 workshop is tonight! This is a workshop series that will start with the basics and get progressively more advanced. This workshop is intended for members of the Undercity Nexus.

Jan 16th 2015 @ 7pm server time.