Ghosts Along The Shore


Some things should be seen to understand, as no words can do it justice.“The clergy of the Light has ‘returned’ to the Forsaken the prisoners of war. All along the coast you can see their remains floated upon the edge of the time, scattered along the shore where they were dumped. The seagulls and vultures had fed so much that they can not fly, and the murlocs have fled the stench.

These were men, and women, a collective of civilians who were easily captured and taken in a state of being unarmed and unarmored – their homes razed.

The living as as often as monstrous as we, though they claim their path is somehow righteous. This is a sight that needs to be seen first hand. -U” 

Loyalist Spies And Dog Troubles

“It seems that there is discontent within the Kor’Kron as a number of them have also started to rebel. Alas, their meeting was hijacked by a spy who was caught. There was a lot of discontent with the troll involvement in the rebellion. Once the rebel meeting melted down into paranoia, I departed and left to meet with associates across the factional divide to discuss what to do with the dog we had acquired…and to access the first installment of his ransom. -B”

The Kor’Kron rebels confront the Loyalist spy.

At some point we really should have a meeting somewhere that does not involve sewer water.


Information Trading

“Information is to be traded from time to time, the real trick is to sort out what is worth speaking of truthfully and what not to. Sometimes we share more in common goals with the living than we care to admit.-U”


Some contacts are more dangerous than others. The games we play with those of Dalaran are the most dangerous of them all.