Dragonmaw Siege – Day 4

World Of Warcraft rp

“Victory at Bloodgulch made the Horde’s forces bold. We decided to press to the Wetlands, to wipe out the Alliance there only to be repelled. The Alliance’s forces rallied, and put on a strong defense. Defeated, we returned to the Twilight Highlands and then…home. -U”

(RP-PVP event outcome: Twilight Highlands Battle – Horde victory. Wetlands Battle – Alliance victory.)

From Bloodgulch Horde forces pushed to the Wetlands for an offensive push against the Alliance.

Once more on the battlefield we faced an old foe. Today, the Horde would not know victory as we have in the past.

Now on the defensive the Alliance rallied, and put on a strong fight. They were not eager to lose home ground, and made us bleed for our bravado.

Dragonmaw Siege – Day 3

World Of Warcraft rp

“Day three…the Alliance and Horde crash. My understanding of the Alliance involvement out here is limited, as the past day was spent with us pillaging Dragonmaw research material. As I understand it, they are threatened by our advance on the Dragonmaw and seek to stop us. On the battlefield the brawls were bloody, and in the end the Horde was victorious. -U”

A meeting of the Horde leadership in Bloodgulch Inn, the talks were swift and the desire for a fight great. It feels as though much of the Horde feels as though we have something to prove to the Alliance after Garrosh was dethroned.

We rallied, and performed armor and weapon inspections before marching out to fight alongside the Dawnfury and Megabucks Cartel.

Bloodgulch was swarmed with Horde forces, bored and eager for a battlefield distraction.

We fought on the riverbed alongside the Dawnfury and Megabucks Cartel.

The battles grew in size over night. Eventually we pushed the Alliance forced back and fought our way up to their encampment and wiped them out there.

The Alliance base was purged, their supplies burned or stolen. Nothing was left in the wake of our wrath.

At the end of the night we rallied, and got to enjoy a rare night off to relax.

Dragonmaw Siege – Day 2

“Some seek the blood of their foes, while others seek their secrets. As others fought the Dragonmaw we deviled into their research. It would be a shame to see such materials destroyed… -U”

World Of Warcraft RP

We arrive under cover, and have a short brief before the assault. It did not take long before we were met with hostility.

The Dragonmaw had a variety of horrific beasts and experiments that were eager to shed our blood.

Once we were in the labs, time was short and precious. We stole what materials we could, and then made our escape. Out numbered, and without reinforcements we were not eager to press our luck further.