Ruins Rumble – Duel Tournament

Before your character flutters a page of parchment. It may be nailed somewhere, glued to a wall, pasted over a stone or wooden surface with cheap tallow; the only certain thing was the brightly colored wording and poorly drawn caricatures of an unrealistically large orc holding a very golden sword several times his own height and standing over a comparatively small castle of the Southern human style. The orc is holding a bag in his free hand with a crude currency symbol stitched into it. Despite the shoddy drawing, he looks very happy and fulfilled. The text below was printed in equally lurid colors with ink that was just a tad too runny to be called quality. Rumble in the Ruins! This THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY YOU COULD BE THE RULER OF THE REALM! The unground realm that is! With your own magic blade! MAGIC BLADE! GOLD GLORY GUYS GIRLS, GREATSWORDS! THIS THURSDAY A BATTLE ROYALE for all the azurite! Prizes donated by the BOOTY BAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Magic blade donated by MAXEN MONTCLAIR! CAN YOU CLAIM THE BLADE!?ARE YOU A BRUTAL ENOUGH CHAMPION TO BE DUKE OF WESTFALL??? Security provided by coin operated crowd pummeler anti-murder technology! Contestants must register for tele-transit at the BOOTY BAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in scenic BOOTY BAY!

————— OOC INFO —————

Date: May 23rd, 2019

Time: 8pm server

Location: Summons Provided

Duel Tournament Rules: Arena rules, dps specs only – more details coming soon

Prizes: Custom character art, and more

Grand Melee – Duel Tournament

2-5-2015 7-09-54 PM

“A grand duel tournament was hosted in the Twilight Highlands, Alliance and Horde alike showing up to shed blood and brawl. Two of our own stepped into the fray, only to find themselves a bit out geared…another time. -U”

2-5-2015 7-20-42 PM

2-5-2015 7-03-15 PM

Sunguard & UC Nexus Duel Tourny

“The Sunguard invited the Nexus out for a friendly night of dueling. The objective was to test skills, and build bridges between our organizations. The evening went very well, with good cheer and honorable engagements. The battle that stood out in particular was that of Alycae and the Orc Ashgar which lasted over twenty minutes and had to be called to end the stale mate. So eager and blood thirsty was Alycae that she did not immediately heed the call to stop fighting as she drive at the Orc to continue fighting. 

By the end of the night Alycae’s fiery passion for battle won her the tournament. Alycae is the current standing Champion, and shall have to return to duel in the future to defender her title. For her prowess, not only was she awarded her gold prize but Eno also extended an invitation into his household to her – which she accepted and was oath sworn into.

There will be future tournaments, all of which we are eagerly looking forward to. -U”


The duelers line up, the rules of honorable conduct are laid out.