The Haunted Mines (RP-PVP)

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“Dark tidings…

I originally sent Deathguard Elite, Kevin Gallows, in my stead to investigate the Horde’s pathetic plea for help with their “haunted mines” in Stonetalon. However, I never heard back from Deathguard Gallows; I rallied aid from the Undercity Nexus and local Horde forces to tackle the blind issue. It was no massive elemental, no legion of kobolds — we stumbled upon a vast slaughter of the Cult of the Damned and an Alliance rescue team much like the one I assembled. Only one Cultist survived whatever grim goal they were up to. The Alliance forces were able to hold onto the Cultist and we were unable to retrieve her from their greedy hands. Alliance reinforcements flooded in after securing the Cultist, thus losing the mine as a whole. I take full responsibility for this failure as the Forsaken have lost key insight into the Cult of the Damned’s operations. There were casualties on both sides, including Deathguard Gallows. If there’s one important detail to note, we know the Cult of the Damned are not only operating in plain sight — they’re hibernating like cowards in the pitch black corners of Azeroth.”

–Executor Crowford

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Dwarven Incursion – Conflict #2


“A call for aide came up from the Mills, one of our own Cultists calling for a rally in the ruins. She was bloodied, reporting Deathguards and more were injured in the south due to the lingering Dwarven presence. The Dwarven unit has been sighted in the area for several days now. A number of us rode south to try and fortify defenses, only to be met by a much larger force than anticipated. We did not easily buckle, and held the line against the push to the Mills. That being said, we have not yet managed to push them out of the area. -U”


Dwarves in Silverpine


“There was something in the air. Something not quite right….

The evening’s mounted patrol toward the Sepulchur was as routine as the setting of the sun. Hours crawled and at one point it seemed like the patrol would not end. The two deaders mounted sternly upon their Warhorses did not waiver. Their bones rubbed against the bones of their steeds. Grinding gently as they patrolled at a trot. 

As they neared the Forsaken Rear Guard outpost Crowford glanced over his right shoulder toward Fenris Isle. As something floated a tower’s height above the water he reached over to the other Patroller and smacked Rhivesha on her shoulder. She glanced across her companion’s body and down his lengthy arm. At the end was his brittle finger pointing upward toward Fenris Isle.  As soon as she caught a glance at the object it seemed to have just floated downward in a controlled flight. The object was much larger than a crow or a bat.

Without a word she looked to her companion and nodded.

The two deaders tightened the reigns of their mounts and forced them into a full sprint eastward toward the Decrepit Fields. As the two deaders arrived at the water’s edge they dismounted and began their reconnaissance of what had flown into the Keep at Fenris Isle. As they emerged from the water the Rhivesha gracefully concealed herself in the darkness and proceeded as the Crowford awaited her return.

As she crept toward the Keep she found a small contingent of Dwarves mounted on Gryphons atop the towers of the Keep. She counted the numbers and positions and proceeded back to her companion.

They devised a plan of attack and engaged the Dwarves…. The battle was quickly handled. The deaders had driven off the Dwarves leaving two of them severely wounded. Rhivesha had suffered minor injury while Crowford was unscathed. The remaining Dwarves gathered their wounded and took flight toward the South and were out of sight.”